The Glass Straw Holiday Gift Guide

The Glass Straw Holiday Gift Guide

5 Gift Ideas for the Holidays – Look No Further

The holidays are upon us and you know what that means; finding the right gift for everyone on your list. Let’s face it, shopping for the perfect gift is a stress-filled drag that can turn even the kindest shopper into a Scrooge. We feel your pain! We don’t want you to dread holiday shopping and we want you to find the perfect gift. Our solution? Trendy and eco-conscious glass straws. Seriously, our straws aren’t just a great investment for you, they also make the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

  1. Our customizable, personalized straws are the perfect gift for even the pickiest person on your list. At home, these eco straws make a fun and useful gift with benefits—no more mistaking whose is whose. With multiple colors and styles, it will be easy to assign kids their own special straw to encourage healthy drinking habits and respecting each others stuff. For sports fans, these straws can be customized with letter and color combinations to reflect class or team pride.Colored Personalized Glass Straw
  2. Insulated tumblers are amazing products and bound to be the perfect gift for someone on your list. Co-workers will love the sturdy design and trendy colors as their drinks stay warm or cold throughout the day. For family and friends, this can be a great gift, offering a drink container they will want to take with them everywhere. Your child’s teacher will appreciate the thoughtful gift that lets him or her stay hydrated while avoiding spills. Pair one of our eco-friendly straws with a tumbler to create the gift that keeps on giving.RTIC 30 oz Insulated Tumbler with Glass Straw
  3. If you’re looking for a great gift with meaning, consider our cause straws. Each straw is unique and supports causes that benefit people, animals and our planet. With the purchase of each straw, a portion of the sale price goes to specific charities supporting conservation or communities at risk. Giving one, or more, of these straws to your co-workers, teachers, friends and family will help you feel good while doing good.Sea Turtles Conservancy Glass Straw
  4. Don’t want to go overboard, but still need something unique? Our clear, barely bent and straight straws, available in multiple lengths and widths, double as the perfect ideas for someone on your list that is a minimalist or “already has everything” person. Straightforward design and function makes these straws great for gift giving and a fantastic way to introduce someone to reusable glass straws.
    Clear Smoothie Glass Straw
  5. While our straws will be the coolest present you’ll give this year, they aren’t complete without a handy carrying case and cleaning brush. For a stocking stuffer tip, place the straw and brush in the case and sneak it into the stocking when no one is looking.Blue To Go Case for Carrying Glass Straw

Strawesome glass straws aren’t just super cool, they are an easy and practical way to care for the planet and your health by cutting down on waste and toxins. Gifting these products will make you a super-star!

Make it a Strawesome holiday and be sure to order before the holiday shipping cut-off dates!