About Strawesome

About Strawesome

A Family Company

Strawesome is a family-owned glass straw manufacturing and distribution business based in Michigan, USA. We personally make all of the straws that we sell direct to consumers and businesses around the world.

Daedra Surowiec
Daedra Surowiec
Founder & Artist

"The only thing I can say is that Strawesome sucks in the best way."

Brian Surowiec
Brian Surowiec

"The power to change the world is in the small choices we make every day. Straws just happen to be one of them."

Adam Surowiec
Adam Surowiec
The Pioneer

"I was 4 when Strawesome started. It's pretty cool to think my generation can be the ones to eliminate single-use plastics."

Luke Surowiec
The Animal Lover

"I love sharing Strawesome with my friends because we need to save the turtles."

Our Story

In the beginning, there were plastic straws everywhere and people thought this was good because straws helped suck things up faster and easier without messes. You could find plastic straws almost anywhere a drink was served.

But soon plastic straws were found in places that were not so good. They were found used and thrown away along streets, on the beach, and even in the waterways. Used plastic straws were everywhere. But it got worse.

Plastic straws were found in the bodies of animals that lived out at sea (like in turtles’ noses). That was terrible to discover, but then something unimaginable and worse was found….the Pacific garbage patch! It was a huge collection (like hundreds of tons) of plastic things floating on the ocean the size of Texas!

Someone did some research and discovered that millions of straws every day were being used once and then thrown away. And most everyone didn’t even realize what they were doing. Who’s great idea was this? But it got worse.

Plastic was discovered to be toxic and non-decomposable. It was both unhealthy AND not going anywhere, EVER! Yikes!!! Everyone was in a panic. It seemed hopeless. Many cried. It was a dark day….

And then something unexpected happened. A creative glass artist made a straw from glass. Huh? A glass straw? What is that? Is it a bean shooter? Is it a crack pipe? No silly, it is a straw you drink from. Kinda like all those plastic ones you use all day long, but these are non-toxic, can be used over and over again, and look way cool like art.

Oh, I get it. That’s a great idea! Freaking brilliant! I can’t believe no one thought of this before. Since I don’t want to use plastic straws anymore, can I get a glass straw? Can I get a bunch of them for my family and friends? Can I get long ones, short ones, bent ones, and colored ones? Please? Pretty please?

Yes! Of course! We would love to! How about we work together and spread the word to everyone we know that there’s a solution to this plastic straw problem and make the world a better place in our lifetime? Sound like a good idea?

Yes! Let’s do it!

So Strawesome was born and people on earth lived happily ever after with their glass straws and healthy planet.

Our Mission

The world is plagued with plastic debris and toxins in our oceans and water ways, on and in the soil of our land, and in the bodies of animals and humans. It is a major problem. Rather than just give up and “deal with it”, Strawesome was born to do something about it. Since March 2009, we have been working towards sufficient awareness and action to forever eliminate the need for single-use plastic drinking straws.

Our mission is to provide the world’s most artistic, eco-friendly, and health-conscious drinking straw. Combined with a lifetime warranty and great customer service, there’s every reason to join the alternative straw movement and eliminate the need for single-use plastic drinking straws.

Will you join us?