Are Glass Straws Safe?

Are Glass Straws Safe?

If you are new to glass straws, we know you are wondering about their safety. Below we address the top questions that we hear the most so you become a glass straw expert!

Can your glass straws break?

It depends!

Glass Straws are Unbreakable on the Moon

  • On the moon, our glass straws are as strong as steel. That might be why the space shuttle uses the same glass. On earth, however, glass is a breakable material and just like other glassware you have in your kitchen, our glass straws can break.
  • It takes more than you think to break our glass straws because they are made from the strongest commercially available glass (learn more about this type of glass in our answer to the next question).
  • It is very rare for a glass straw to break while drinking from it. You can bang it around your glass to stir your drink without worry. Many people have a habit of biting on plastic straws, so they automatically associate straws with biting. If you make the choice to bite on a glass straw you will not break it, but we advise against this practice as it can seriously hurt your teeth.
  • When you take great care of your dishes and glassware they tend to last longer. Likewise, if you treat your glass straws with great care they will last you much longer. Follow our glass straw care tips for best results.


  • If your straw does break, we have a Lifetime Warranty which allows you to get a replacement straw. For reference, we’ve replaced 3% of the straws that we’ve sold since founding the company in 2009.
  • When you combine our replacement guarantee with our easy 30-day return policy, trying our glass straws is risk-free!

What type of glass are your straws made of?


  • We use both clear and color borosilicate glass to make our glass straws.  This type of glass was discovered in the late 1800s.
  • The main ingredients of borosilicate are silica and boron oxide. We had all our glass tested by a third-party laboratory to verify the safety and toxin-free integrity of its composition. There is no lead or other harmful ingredients in the glass. Our glass is BPA-Free, Lead-Free and Toxin-Free.
  • Borosilicate is non-porous and hypo-allergenic. So even if there was a harmful ingredient in your glass straw, it would never leach into your beverage.
  • Borosilicate has super durability being more resistant to breaking than other glass, and colors stay brilliant after each use and wash.
  • Borosilicate is already used for high-quality beverage glassware and kitchenware (like measuring cups, coffee pots), so this is not a new type of glass.
  • Borosilicate is microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. You can heat it up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit before it will melt!

Where are your glass straws made?

Designed and Handmade in USA

  • Our family personally designs and hand-makes all our glass straws in our own workshop in Milford, Michigan, USA. We have complete control over the product quality.
  • Each straw is properly annealed in a special oven so that the different colors of glass hold together properly.
  • Each straw is properly inspected throughout the manufacturing process and before it ships to you.



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