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YETI® Rambler® Replacement Straws

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Look no further for the best reusable YETI® Rambler® replacement straws. Are you sick and tired of drinking from straws that change the taste of your drink, do not clean easily, or conduct your drink’s hot/cold temperature? Yeah, we thought so. Upgrade your YETI® straw to Strawesome! Choose the reusable straw that perfectly matches your 20 oz, 25 oz, 26 oz, 30 oz, 35 oz, or 42 oz YETI® Rambler®. Tip: We suggest buying two replacement straws so that when one is dirty the other is ready-to-go.

First, you need to know that are two different lids for a YETI® Rambler®. We are no longer confident that our skinny straws will fit The Magslider Lid and our other straws definitely will not work with it. Therefore, we are compatible with The Straw Lid only. The Straw Lid comes standard with each 25oz, 26 oz, 35 oz, and 42 oz YETI® Rambler®, but is also sold as a separate YETI® accessory you can get to replace the standard Magslider Lid on the 20 oz and 30 oz tumblers.

The older video below discusses the 26 and 30 oz tumblers, the Straw Lid, and our straws (still accurate information). We will make another video for the newer cups and which straws come without stoppers soon.

Available Straw Widths

  • Regular (9mm Outer Diameter) – This width is similar to that of a typical restaurant straw. It’s great for thin liquids such as water, juice or a slightly slushy pina colada. It’s the largest width we carry that fits the Straw Lid.

Available Straw Styles

Note: Only the 8-9″ Straws come with Stoppers. The longer 10-11″ straws do not.

  • 8” Barely Bent for YETI® Rambler® 20oz Tumbler
  • 8” Straight for YETI® Rambler® 20oz Tumbler
  • 9” Barely Bent with Stopper >for YETI® Rambler® 25oz Mug, 26oz Stackable Cup, & 30oz Tumbler
  • 9” Straight with Stopper for YETI® Rambler® 25oz Mug, 26oz Stackable Cup, & 30oz Tumbler
  • 10” Barely Bent for YETI® Rambler® 35oz Mug
  • 10” Straight for YETI® Rambler® 35oz Mug
  • 11” Straight for YETI® Rambler® 42oz Mug

5 Reasons Why You Need This Straw in Your Life

  1. We made this straw in the USA and it’s awesome. Our super fancy (aka borosilicate) glass is so amazing, it can withstand temperatures below freezing and up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit! You’ll even find this stuff in the windows of the space shuttle! It’s also known as the same glass used in Pyrex®, but that’s not nearly as exciting as space shuttle glass.
  2. We’ve crushed down and lab tested all of the glass we use. It was really messy but totally worth it to let you know that there’s nothing nasty inside this glass. Unlike plastic, glass isn’t a porous material so it won’t leach into your mouth or drinks ever! Our glass straws are safe!
  3. You can clean your straw in the dishwasher. Yes, the super hot, sanitizing, easy-clean machine that is the dishwasher. We also sell a cleaning brush in case YOU are the dishwasher.
  4. You don’t like it? That’s cool. Just let us know and we’ll take it back, no questions asked. Except maybe, “What?? Why NOT!?!?” But really, it’s OK. Even though this rarely happens, we will put it to good use in our loving home.
  5. Each straw has a lifetime warranty. If you break it on accident (using it as a drumstick is not an accident!) we will replace it. We know you love your straw and will be sad without it, so we aim to make you happy again. Enough said!

Note: Tumblers are not included. This is a one-straw product.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
YETI® Rambler® Type

20 oz Tumbler with Standard Lid, 20 oz Tumbler with Straw Lid, 30 oz Tumbler with Standard Lid, 30 oz Tumbler with Straw Lid

Length & Style

YETI® Barely Bent Replacement (8"), YETI® Barely Bent Replacement (9"), YETI® Straight Replacement (8"), YETI® Straight Replacement (9")

Straw Color

Amber, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Brilliant Blue Regular, Charcoal Gray, Clear, Going Green, Jade Green, Pink Sapphire, Stark White

4 reviews for YETI® Rambler® Replacement Straws

  1. jenabner (verified owner)

    Love my barely bent Strawsome for my Yeti Cup. It’s the best of both worlds I get a drink that stays cold all day and a straw that feels fresh and clean all day. I hate the feel and taste from a plastic straw.

  2. Heather Larson (verified owner)

    I have the straight straw for my Yeti rambler. No more having to worry about my little one pulling my straw out of my cup. I love having the glass to drink my water from. So much better then the plastic it comes with.

  3. Richard Barbuto (verified owner)

    I commute 50 miles to work each day starting before the crack of dawn. Being able to easily and safely drink my daily coffee during my trip has been great. The straw fits well and has proven to be durable with daily use and being dishwasher safe. I’ve bought some as gifts because I love mine.

  4. kfinn921 (verified owner)

    By far the greatest thing! i will never use another plastic straw again! i have straws for my yeti and all of my stanley’s. Amazing seller

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