Choosing the Best Glass Straw

Choosing the Best Glass Straw

If you want some help selecting the best glass straw (or straws) for your unique lifestyle, consider the following before making your purchase. If you want to skip this process, we recommend buying one of every kind just to have all potential circumstances covered. 🙂

Available Straw Widths

  • Skinny (7mm Outer Diameter) – This is our smallest width and is perfect for beverages that are best consumed slowly, such as hot tea, blazing hot coffee, and pure vodka.
  • Regular (9-9.5mm Outer Diameter) – This width is similar to that of a typical restaurant straw. It’s great for thin liquids such as water, juice or a slightly slushy pina colada.
  • Smoothie (12mm Outer Diameter) – A smoothie width straw is a must if you make thick, healthy smoothies. If you’ve ever tried to drink your smoothie straight from the glass, you’ll understand why this straw is important at keeping away “smoothie mustache”.
  • Boba / Bubble Tea (16mm Outer Diameter) – Our widest straw for a special drink called “boba” or “bubble” tea. The drink includes thick tapioca balls that you suck through the straw. You need this big guy for such an important task!

Multiple Glass Straw Widths

Available Straw Lengths & Styles

  • 5″ Straight – Our mini straws come in regular widths and are perfect for the 8oz Mason jars.
  • 6″ Straight – These short straws are the perfect match for smaller drinking containers, such as coffee mugs and cocktails glasses.
  • 7″ Just for Kids – Our 7” straws are created slightly shorter and with the perfect bend for shorter drinkware. We call this straw our Just for Kids straw (but anyone can use it) because it allows for little ones to enjoy our straws without the fear of tipping their glass over like they might encounter with a straight, 8” long straw. This style is 7” in length overall and bent at approximately the 5.5” mark. This style has been discontinued, but can be requested via a custom order.
  • 8” Barely Bent -Because no one wants gunk stuck in a bend, the bend on this straw allows for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or with our cleaning brush.  This style is 8” in length overall and bent at approximately the 6” mark.
  • 8″ Straight – Most restaurants serve plastics straws similar to this length, therefore when dining out we highly recommend bringing this straw along to refuse the plastic version. If you use standard size glasses at home (usually about 6.5” in height) then this is the perfect straw for you!
  • 9″ Barely Bent & Straight – We make these specific for YETI straws.
  • 10” Barely Bent – When you use such a tall straw, you might prefer to cut the angle a little bit to make sipping more enjoyable. This style is 10” in length overall and bent at approximately the 8” mark.
  • 10″ Straight – This long straw is the perfect match if you drink out of really tall drink ware. In our photos we show them in quart sized mason jars which are 7” tall. We recommend that your straw be at least 2” taller than the top of your glass for ease of drinking.
  • 10.5″ Barely Bent & Straight – This long straw is the perfect match for taller Starbuck’s Tumblers.
  • 11-12″ Straight – Save yourself some time cleaning an extra glass by drinking your smoothie straight out of the blender. These extra long straws are the perfect length to use in any blender, a Stanley Tumbler, or other tall travel tumblers.
  • 14″ Barely Bent – Our longest straw is the perfect length to use as a water or wine bottle straw in any wine bottle or equivalent. It is also a fun gift!

Glass Straws Various Lengths

Glass Straw Colors & Designs

We offer 16 amazing colors!

Opaque Colors: Bubblegum Pink, Jade Green, Jet Black, Mint Green, Periwinkle, and Stark White.

Transparent Colors: Amber, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Brilliant Blue, Charcoal Gray, Clear, Earth Blue, Going Green, Golden Rod, and Pink Sapphire.

Besides our Plain Glass Straws, we offer a number of enhanced options such as Simple Prints and Personalized Straws. Our Designer Glass Straws use a plain straw as a starting point, but we then add additional glass to decorate and adorn them to be truly unique. You can also find some Designer versions of our Travel Tumbler Straws.

Custom Designed Glass Straw Set

Best Glass Straw Accessories

Cleaning Brush – This accessory is a MUST if you either do not have a dishwasher or let your used smoothie straw go unrinsed for 3 hours before doing the dishes. Our stainless steel brush is custom made in the USA, rust-free, and fits all of our regular, smoothie, and boba tea straws.

Carrying Cases – To Go Cases allow you to take your glass straws on the go. Whether to the restaurant or a day hike, these accessories protect your straws while you travel.

Blue To Go Case for Carrying Glass Straw

How Many Straws Do You Need?

Now that you have an idea of what straws and accessories we offer, use the information below to help you determine how many straws you need. For some, one is the answer. For others, it is more. If this is your first time buying a glass straw and you want to put your toe in the water first, just select what you think you will use or enjoy the most. Like most customers, you will quickly love the difference and be back knowing exactly what remaining straws you need.

What beverages do you already use or plan to use straws for?

  • Do you drink smoothies, milkshakes, boba/bubble tea, coffee, tea, water, juice, or cocktails? The liquids you drink might require different diameter straws.
  • A regular width straw can handle most liquids, so this is your best bet for a starter.

In which containers do you use your straws?

  • Do you have different height glasses or to go cups? Measure the heights and any straw holes so that you can determine if you need specific length and width straws to get the job done.
  • Our straws fit most travel tumblers and more. Ask if you are unsure.

How often do you do dishes?

  • How long does it take for you to clean your straw before reusing it again? If you do not clean it on the spot, you might need more than one. We run the dishwasher once per day, so for us, we need to have 8-10 straws to get us through one day.
  • Remember to consider a cleaning brush too. The longer you go between using and washing, the more likely you will need one.

When and where do you use straws?

  • Think through your day. When are you drinking a beverage and what containers and straws are needed to have what you need?
  • Places to consider: At home. At work. Out to eat. At the gym. In the car.
  • If you take your straw without a container, consider a To Go Case to keep is safe.

How many other people do you need to consider?

  • How many people do you live with that might want to use your straw? Almost everyone will ask you what it is and then try to use it. You may not be able to keep it a secret, so consider who the likely candidates are that will need their own straw.
  • Do you host parties? We find this a great opportunity to educate people about the benefits of glass straws for their health and the planet, plus letting them experience glass straws in your home is a great way to add some additional fun to your get together.

So how many did you come up with?

  • There’s no right or wrong answer, so please do not get caught up in these details. Starting somewhere is the key since it puts you on the path to tweak as you go.
  • When we first started using our glass straws, we had lots of fun as it made every beverage new. As we discovered that maybe a longer straw or a bent straw would work better for certain situations, we were able to experiment and find what worked best for us.
  • Now you may not have the ability to go out to your own workshop and make a glass straw, but you are armed with what you need to know and we are only a few clicks away if you need us.

Be Strawesome and go explore!


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