Replacement Requests

Replacement Requests

How to Request a Replacement Glass Straw

Our Lifetime Warranty covers your Strawesome straw in the event of accidental breakage.  We use the honor system, so if you purposely broke your straw, please refrain from requesting a replacement.

Also, there is no need for you to return your broken straw to us as most cannot be repaired.  Just discard or recycle the broken glass (preferably after you take a photo to submit with the form below).


Please fill out the replacement request form below.  Fields with * are required and we strongly recommend you upload a photo of your damaged straw using the file upload tool in the form to better help us identify which product you purchased.  If you have more than one damaged straw, you must submit another request for each additional damaged straw.


Within 3 business days, we will email you an electronic coupon code worth the retail price of the broken product (taxes and shipping are not included) which you can use on to order any replacement product you choose.  If you order a product of higher value, you will simply pay the difference.

If your broken straw was custom made or is no longer available to purchase on the website, please tell us you want a replica and we will (to the best of our ability) create a replica of the exact same product for you.  You can then use your coupon code to purchase the replacement (we will send you a link to add your custom replacement to your shopping cart).