Wine Straws

Wine Straws

Until recent years, the main option for wine straws (in fact most straws) has been of course plastic. Since beverages do not taste the same when sipped through plastic (due to toxins leaching into drinks from the straw), it has reduced the wine sipping enjoyment level down a few notches. Thankfully, there is another option available to us that resolves these concerns completely. The answer is the glass straw.

Glass is the wine enthusiast’s top choice since glass adds nothing to the taste and meets the quality standard for wine tasting. So when it comes to selecting a straw for wine, the best option is a reusable wine straw made of safe glass. Not only for the benefit of taste, but to protect your teeth from staining and reducing unnecessary environmental damage and waste.

Here are a few recommendations for wine straws:

  1. If you want to skip the wine glass and drink straight from the wine bottle, checkout our Wine Bottle Glass Straw. This wine straw fits any standard wine bottle and has the added bonus of making you the life of the party.
  2. For standard and shorter wine straws to match your specific wine glasses, browse our shop to explore whatever catches your fancy.

Tip: Some customers prefer a skinny width straw to drink their wine, while others a regular width straw. On each product page, you can select the width you prefer from the dropdown (when the option is available). Note that only Clear Straws are available in the skinny width.

Learn more about each width to choose the best glass straw for you.

Cheers and Happy Sipping!