Safe Eco-Friendly Starbucks® Replacement Straws

Safe Eco-Friendly Starbucks® Replacement Straws

If you are a Starbucks® customer, you may be looking for safe eco-friendly Starbucks® replacement straws for your Starbucks® To-Go cups.

Stainless Steel and Metal Straws are no longer a smart choice because in August 2016, Starbucks® recalled millions of stainless steel metal straws due to reported mouth lacerations.

Plastic straws are not a good idea either because they harm the environment and release their toxins into your beverage.

That leaves us with glass. Are glass straws safe enough to be the best reusable option? We and thousands of our happy customers think so (including a few of our customers that work at Starbucks® headquarters).

Discover the Strawesome difference:

Are Glass Straws Safe?

How Glass Straws are Made

How to Care for and Clean Glass Straws

Choosing the Best Glass Straw

When shopping for your replacement straw(s), keep these two things in mind:

  1. Starbucks® To-Go cups have small straw holes, so only our Skinny width straws fit perfectly. Our other widths (Regular, Smoothie, and Boba Tea) are way too big.
  2. Most (if not all) Starbucks® To-Go cups take a straw length between 8″ and 10.5″.

View our offerings for the best reusable Starbucks® Replacement Straws.

Keep in mind that our glass straws come with a lifetime warranty so that you can enjoy a lifetime of safe eco-friendly sipping of your favorite beverages.

Be Strawesome!