Straws for the Handicapped and Disabled

Straws for the Handicapped and Disabled

Dear Daedra: Do you make reusable straws for the handicapped and disabled?

I’ve had many handicapped and disabled customers contact me to create custom straws for their use. The most unique custom straw I made was for a quadriplegic customer who reached out to me looking for a custom straw. He was currently drinking from a long plastic or rubber hose from the hardware store and it was really disgusting. I couldn’t imagine trying to clean that thing! Not being able to see through it and the taste had to be something gross.

He gave me the specifications and I made a 29″ long straw that was bent at a deep angle so that he could use it comfortably from the angle he sits at. This was and still is the most unique custom straw project I’ve ever completed. To know that I was helping someone fill a niche need was amazingly fulfilling.

If you are reading this and have friends, family, or co-workers that might have a similar disability or handicap, consider that they too might have a not-so-desirable straw that we could upgrade to Be Strawesome. If one of our in-stock products doesn’t get the job done, they can fill out our custom straw request form to inquire how we can help.

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  1. As a Physical Rehab RN, I can attest that 100% of my quad patients (and many other people with neurologic issues such as ataxia, central cord, and others) need long straws that they can reach in order to have independence in hydration. Can you imagine having to request a sip EVERY time you need one? I wonder if you could figure out a way to add a silicone (?) piece where the bend would be so people don’t have to fear stabbing themselves if their aim isn’t perfect? Also, maybe a dot or something to keep it from rolling off a counter top. Just a couple suggestions from someone who’d seen a LOT of needs.

    Nicole Gerboth
    Jul 11, 2018