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Our skinny glass straws (7mm outer diameter) are our smallest width straw and are perfect for beverages that are best consumed slowly, such as hot tea, blazing hot coffee, wine and pure vodka. Skinny glass straws are also the best replacement for those paper and plastic straws that suck. We hand craft these in different lengths and styles, but only available in clear.

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Available Straw Length & Styles

  • Short Straight (6″) – These short straws are the perfect match for smaller drinking containers, such as coffee mugs and cocktail glasses.
  • Standard Barely Bent (8″) – Because no one wants gunk stuck in a bend, the bend on this straw allows for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or with our cleaning brush.  This style is 8” in length overall and bent at approximately the 6” mark.
  • Standard Straight (8″) – This is your standard length and style straw. Good for the straightest path to your mouth.
  • Long Barely Bent (10.5″)– When you use such a tall straw, you might prefer to cut the angle a little bit to make sipping more enjoyable. This style is 10” in length overall and bent at approximately the 8” mark.
  • Long Straight (10.5″) – This length is best for a taller cup or glass like a quart mason jar.

5 Reasons Why You Need This Straw in Your Life

  1. We made this straw in the USA and it’s awesome. Our super fancy (aka borosilicate) glass is so amazing, it can withstand temperatures below freezing and up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit! You’ll even find this stuff in the windows of the space shuttle! It’s also known as the same glass used in Pyrex®, but that’s not nearly as exciting as space shuttle glass.
  2. We’ve crushed down and lab tested all of the glass we use. It was really messy but totally worth it to let you know that there’s nothing nasty inside this glass. Unlike plastic, glass isn’t a porous material so it won’t leach into your mouth or drinks ever!
  3. You can clean your straw in the dishwasher. Yes, the super hot, sanitizing, easy-clean machine that is the dishwasher. We also sell a cleaning brush in case YOU are the dishwasher.
  4. You don’t like it? That’s cool. Just let us know and we’ll take it back, no questions asked. Except maybe, “What?? Why NOT!?!?” But really, it’s OK. Even though this rarely happens, we will put it to good use in our loving home.
  5. Each straw has a lifetime warranty. If you break it on accident (using it as a drumstick is not an accident!) we will replace it. We know you love your straw and will be sad without it, so we aim to make you happy again. Enough said!

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Length & Style

Long Barely Bent (10.5"), Long Straight (10.5"), Short Straight (6"), Standard Barely Bent (8"), Standard Straight (8")

5 reviews for Skinny Glass Straws

  1. Katie

    I LOVE THIS SKINNY CLEAR STRAW! I’m so happy to have a glass one to fit in my stainless steel to go cup. =D I can’t say enough great things about it; I’m so glad to not be using plastic anymore!

    Yesterday my cup fell out of the car and landed straw-side down on the ground in the parking lot. I was soooo upset and certain my straw would have broken. Nope! Not even a scratch!

    Even though it’s the skinny size I have no problem putting it in the dishwasher in the silverware part of the drawer. It hasn’t fallen through, but the holes in my dishwasher compartment are small.

  2. Sandra Michel

    I love all my Strawesome straws, but I especially love having 3 that are skinny enough and long enough for my stainless steel travel cup with lid. I may not have time to wash the cup but I can switch out my straws.

  3. Linda Gill (verified owner)

    I bought the thicker straws and love them, but then bought a cup for my ice tea which required a skinny straw, unbeknownst to me at the time. So I added the skinny straws to my collection and am ready to go anywhere with whichever size cup I need. I am very pleased with the longer length too. The skinny straws work very well, actually just as fine as the thicker ones. I am so grateful to have a eco-friendly straw that just needs washing without waste. The bottle brush is fine too! Thank you, Strawesome. I also love your name. So Clever and a great marketing tool!

  4. Amy Fickel

    These skinny clear standard straws are perfect for my insulated tall coffee cups I use for my iced coffee. I love that I am able to have these fit and durable enough to last the car ride with kids! It’s great to SEE through how clean it is unlike the aluminum straws have used in the past, which made me uneasy. Thank you Strawsome for giving me such a great reliable product especially well used during the hot Arizona summers when I cannot go without a coffee!

  5. Beth Norman (verified owner)

    (Reviewed by Beth Norman;

    These longer skinny straws are perfect for our taller travel drink cups. The plastic straws that came with the cups broke rather soon after purchase, and we needed replacements that would last. Oddly enough, reusable straws that are longer are hard to come by, and I was lucky enough to find Strawsome online. I am so happy to have found such great products…and LOVE that it’s an American company that I can support! As a teacher, I appreciate that it’s easy to pop the glass straw I used that day into the dishwasher and grab a new, clean one for the next day.

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