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Safe, Fun, and Eco-Friendly Reusable Glass Drinking Straws



Since all our glass products are handmade, from time to time we have some items unintentionally not meet the standards we set for all the products we sell. It could be that one end is slanted instead of flat, or that the length of the straw is too short or too long compared to the standard length. Instead of tossing them, we make them available and discount them here as clearance items. These items have never been used and they are brand new and handmade just like the rest of our products.  If we didn't think it could be functional, we would not sell them.

These items can go out of stock quickly depending on several factors. Check back regularly for updates on a weekly basis.

Clearance Going Green Short Straw

$7.95   $4.00

Clearance Amethyst Short Straw

$7.95   $4.00

Clearance Brilliant Blue Short Smoothie Straw

$7.95   $4.00

Clearance See-Thru Short Bubble Tea Straw

$6.95   $3.50

Clearance Jade Green Short Straw

$7.95   $4.00

Clearance Stark White Short Straw

$7.95   $4.00

Clearance Stark White Short Smoothie straw

$7.95   $4.00