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Welcome to Strawesome

Welcome to Strawesome! We are thrilled that you are checking us out. Perhaps you are into healthy living and/or saving the planet from unnecessary waste. Either way, we encourage you to try out our High-Quality Reusable Glass Drinking Straws with a Lifetime Warranty (they are the cat’s meow!).  To learn more about us, take a couple minutes and watch our video.


Benefits of Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

  1. Plastic straws leach toxins into your beverages and ultimately your body. Glass straws do not contain toxic chemicals, plus your drinks will taste better.
  2. Reusable glass straws reduce plastic straw usage and their impact on the environment. We’re sure you’ve seen the poor turtle with the plastic straw stuck in its nose on social media.
  3. Using safe, functional art is fun and reinforces healthy habits. With our Lifetime Warranty, you can enjoy your glass straws for a lifetime. They also make the best eco-friendly gifts and can be used to bribe children to drink all the healthy concoctions they might otherwise prefer not to. 🙂

Strawesome Coupon Code for Glass Straws

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Glass Straw Benefits - Lifetime Warranty, Toxin Free, Dishwasher Safe, Designed & Handmade in the USA, Kid Friendly