Reusable Straw Pouch


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Reusable Straw Pouches are a great way to keep your Strawesome straw(s) safe while you travel or store them in your kitchen at home.  We designed them as an alternative to our hard-sided To Go Case, because straws that are longer than 8″ do not fit in the To Go Case.

Our reusable straw pouch works well with straw lengths that are 10.5″ or shorter in three of our four straw widths: Skinny (7mm), Regular (9-9.5mm), and Smoothie (12mm). Even Strawesome Barely Bent straws will fit in the pouch.

The only straw width that does not work in our pouches are our Boba Tea Straws which fit very tight. We recommend a hard To Go Case for the Boba Tea Straws.

Straw lengths longer than 10.5″, such as our 12″ Blender Straw and our 14″ Wine Bottle Straw are too long to fully fit inside the straw pouch.

The reusable straw pouches are made in the USA from machine washable and patterned cotton, lined with a light batting for added protection. There is no closure, the end simply slips over the straw once it’s fully inserted.

If you see a pouch style you like, order right away because we make them in small batches based on the fabrics available.  We proudly up-cycle rather than buy new to stay with the spirit of reusing, recycling, repairing, etc.

Choose your reusable straw pouch from one of 3 limited edition styles:

  • Fiesta
  • Galaxy
  • Peacock

*Straws in photos are just for illustration/examples and are not included with the purchase of a reusable straw pouch.


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Weight .1 lbs

Fiesta, Galaxy, Peacock