Fundraise with Eco-friendly Glass Straws

Let’s Win Together!

Strawesome wants to assist you in making a difference in your school or organization, your community, and in some cases your family. Whether you are raising funds for youth sports, a local animal shelter, or to assist a friend with unexpected medical bills, bring us your good cause and let’s team up together to make that difference!

Facts about Strawesome’ s Glass Drinking Straws

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Made from the Safest and Strongest Commercially Available Beverage Glassware
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Hot and Cold Safe
  • BPA-Free, Toxin-Free, Non-porous and hypo-allergenic
  • Different Designs, Colors, and Lengths
  • Great for Water, Tea, Smoothies, Milkshakes, Cocktails, Wine
  • Can be used in all containers including Pop Cans, Bottles, Mason Jars, To-Go Cups

Reasons Why Glass Drinking Straws are Great Green Fundraisers

  1. Lots of people use straws, but how many use glass straws? Our estimate is well under 1% of the world’s population. That leaves about 7 billion people for you to reach out to and almost guarantees that you will have the curiosity factor in your favor.
  2. There are a growing number of people interested in doing everything they can to reduce, reuse, and recycle. A glass straw fits all three!
  3. A glass straw is functional art! Forgetting those ugly, slime-collecting plastic toxic straws and upgrading to a beautiful, safe and reusable glass straw transforms every straw lover’s life instantly.
  4. Parents that want their kids to drink more water, green smoothies, or any other beverage have instant success with glass straws. It’s like a 10-second miracle! (Tip: Parents that get each child their own straw have higher success rates.)

How Strawesome Fundraising Campaigns Work

  1. Contact us to discuss your cause and the length of your campaign. If you qualify, we will setup your campaign and provide marketing assistance such as a coupon code, tracking webpage, and tips for spreading the word.
  2. Start your fundraiser by spreading the word both offline and online to your family, friends, neighbors, clients, membership, staff, supporters, etc. and encourage them to purchase glass straws AND tell everyone they know about it too. The more viral you can make it, the better.
  3. We will fulfill orders as they come in and keep track of your campaign’s progress on our website. Your campaign will qualify for this program once it reaches $300 USD retail net sales (before taxes and shipping fees are applied).
  4. At the end of your successful campaign, we will mail a donation check for 33% of the net sales. If we continue to receive online orders on behalf of your campaign, we will continue to mail you donation checks on a monthly basis. The length of your campaign and when you receive our donation is negotiable.

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