Your Life Depends On It

If you eat food, then your health and quality of life are at risk. If you haven’t heard of the company Monsanto, then we highly recommend you do some research (like your life depends on it) and learn how that company is affecting your health through its involvement in farming and more. You might be beyond shocked.

Exposing the truth is the first thing that can be done. Our courageous friends at #STOPMONSANTO Film Project are creating a movie to educate viewers about what Monsanto is doing and what the company stands for. But they need our help to raise the funds to get this project off the ground (they have 2/3rds of the way to go to reach their goal).

We are donating 25% of our sales over the next few days towards this project. Our request is that you visit #STOPMONSANTO Film Project to see what the project is all about and then if you are aligned, either donate directly on their site and/or place an order on our website using coupon code: STOPMONSANTO. Hurry, the opportunity to fund this project ends tomorrow night. Place your order by 10pm Saturday night so we have time to make our donation.

Click the image or links above to read all about it. Please help us get the word out by forwarding this to your friends and family. We can make a difference by taking responsibility for the health of ourselves and future generations.

– The Strawesome Family

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