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For me it’s incredibly difficult at times to describe why Strawesome is my passion. Probably because it’s not just one thing, there’s a long list.  We’re coming up on Strawesome’s third anniversary so I’m going to reflect on why I work so hard everyday….

What’s in it for me?   Not only does my job at Strawesome provide income for my family (which I’m super proud of!) but it also gives me a sense of identity that will last through the rest of my life.  Yes, I’m a wife, mom, daughter, grand daughter, friend, neighbor, etc.  But those all describe who I am to someone else.  Who am I to ME? Strawesome allows me to focus on what I love.  I am very passionate about the environment, good, healthy food, and creating beautiful things in my life.  When I work at Strawesome I know that the joy I get out of creating a new design is  fulfilling all areas that matter to me.  I currently spend a great deal of my time caring for my children but when they are grown and no longer need me every moment of every day I will have Strawesome to fill that void!

What’s in it for you?  Another thing I love about my job is that I am helping other people.  I once received feedback from a mom of 6 children who was so grateful for one of our products.  She had purchased the colored set of smoothie straws because each child uses a different color utensil at meal time .  The colors of the straws fit perfectly with the scheme she uses for her children.  Being a busy mom myself, knowing that I can help another busy mom get her children fed in a more efficient manner is very rewarding to me.

Yet another instance I was contacted by a quadriplegic customer with a request for a custom order.  It turns out he was drinking from a plastic tube from the hardware store! ICK!  He provided the exact dimensions for the straw he needed and we created a 20″ long regular width straw bent at a exact 115 degree angle to make his everyday life a little easier.  That right there makes me smile everytime I recall it.

Serving the Customer:  Customer service seems to be a lost art these days.  I find it very rare to have good customer service, even a simple thing like telling me when something will ship.  It annoys me very much!  With Strawesome I can provide the type of customer service that I know my customers deserve.  I want my customers to feel as though they have a friend over here to talk to rather than a computer or person reading from a script.  No matter now large Strawesome gets you will always get that from us, I can assure you that much!

Inspiring Others:  It may sound a bit conceited but if I can inspire one person to go for their dreams I feel very accomplished.  Too many people spend endless days in jobs they despise. To me this is not living life to it’s fullest and is not why we’re put on this planet.  I understand that not everyone has the capacity to start their own business but for those that have the slightest desire I say go for it!  Technology has made owning your own business simpler than ever and I am committed to helping those who request it of me.


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  1. I posted this on feabcook…OH how I hope I win!!!! Did you know that back in the 70’s Southwest airlines eliminated one olive from each of their drinks, saving their company a whopping $40K/year!!!! Imagine what we can keep from going into landfills if we use a reusable glass straw!!!!eskimoose@hotmail.com

    Mar 4, 2012 Reply
  2. […] I designed a custom straw for a quadriplegic customer.  He had been drinking from a plastic tube from the hardware store when he came across Strawesome. He gave us the exact length (20″!) and angle for the bend that we in turn made into his special straw. Helping people is very important to me, so this warmed my heart and made my job feel extremely purposeful. […]

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