Whose Straw is This?

My family recently went on a weekend getaway to Chicago and of course I brought along a straw for each of us (that’s four total).  I used our new Green To Go Carrying Case for each straw and I encountered a inconvenience…

If you have more than one person always with you then you understand my dilemma.  I went to pull out a straw for my two year old to use and low and behold I couldn’t tell which case it was in.  I had to open every single case to find the right straw and of course it had to be in the last case opened!

Luckily we have a solution! Different colored carrying cases!  We now have Pink, Snow White and Caviar to help those of us who need to make life just a little easier.

I personally love the bright pink one, thankfully I’m the only girl in the family so I get to claim it all to myself!


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  1. Great idea!! Love the Colors 🙂 I saw this dilemma and these awesome Labels that I came across for my sons sippy cups and such would work perfect here! They are called Mabel’s Labels!! 🙂

    So if you have people that like the same color you can still let them have it just stick a Mabel’s Label on the case and then your all set(also you can get phone numbers so if they get lost and a nice person finds them they can call you to let you know) 🙂

    They stick to almost everything and are DW and MW Safe!! 🙂 awesome product!!!!!

    Apr 19, 2012 Reply

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