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So, what’s up with the quality of food these days? Let me use a recent example to elaborate…

I’m proud to say that on Sunday, October 16th, my husband Brian (and Strawesome Co-Founder) ran and finished his first marathon – the Detroit Free Press Marathon.  He was accompanied by 4,000 other people whom I assume also care about their health. So, I was shocked that most of them would eat the food and drink provided for them at the race.

In preparing for race day, Brian decided he didn’t want to eat the energy food (GU Energy), Gatorade, or tap water that was provided along the race course because none of them are good for your body (do some research and you will discover for yourself).

To make sure Brian had the energy to complete the race, we did some research to find alternatives for food and drink. We ended up creating our own gooey fuel (to replace the GU packets) made with pureed orange and pineapple, banana, dates, good water, flax seeds and Celtic sea salt. We used coconut water instead of Gatorade to replace electrolytes and upgraded to reverse osmosis water for hydration.

I made myself available along the race course for refills and support.  I ended up riding my bike  over 15 miles that day!

At the end of the race, there was a lot of free “food” provided for the runners to eat:

  • Potato chips
  • Bagels
  • Sugary muffins
  • Bananas (ok, these are acceptable)
  • Bottled water (but only versions with fruity flavors, nothing plain!)
  • Gatorade
  • Chocolate milk (filled with HFCS and touted as “the perfect hydrating drink”)
  • Beer (no, I’m not kidding)
  • Chewy granola bars

We were disappointed that after hours of beating up on one’s body, the quality of food to repair and replenish it was so poor. So what did my runner have after his race (among other good food we had waiting for him in the car)? A beautiful green smoothie (as seen in picture) whose ingredients were:

  • Reverse osmosis water
  • Organic hemp protein powder
  • Wheat grass
  • Organic local chard
  • Organic local strawberries
  • Raw milk kefir

When you ask a lot from your body, is it best to refuel it with beer, chips and chocolate milk? Doesn’t it deserve more?  It’s as if you put diesel in your vehicles’ gasoline engine expecting it to perform the same. The rest of that vehicle’s life may not turn out the way you expected it to. Some vehicles might be lucky enough to have the diesel fuel removed before real damage is done, but others may suffer some terrible consequences.

Perhaps ignorance is not bliss. Do your body (the only vehicle you’ve got) good and feed it with the best food (fuel) you can get. Chances are you will feel and operate as best as you can for many healthy years to come.


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