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See the family at the top of our blog?  That isn’t a stock photo, it’s really us!  (Me (Daedra), Brian my husband, Adam our oldest son and Luke our youngest.) We’re real people running a business and so today I wanted to let you know what you’re supporting when you purchase our products.

We have very strong beliefs when it comes to our health.  We eat well and take great care of our bodies in order to avoid any chances of using prescription drugs.  This is what we do:

*  Buy local, organic produce whenever possible.  We belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), we work on the farm (as do our kids) and we appreciate our homegrown food in the warmer months.

* We belong to the Weston A. Price Foundation.  We buy local, grass fed meat and eat whole foods – you won’t find wasteful individual cups of light yogurt in our house.  We buy as much local as possible!

* You also won’t find any white sugar, rancid oils like vegetable and canola, margarine or high fructose corn syrup in our house.

* I make nearly every meal in our house, even breakfast!  It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to feed a family real food these days but I’m willing to do it!

* We love reusables!  Klean Kanteens. Lunchbots and Laptop Lunches are our favorites.  (I personally dispise plastic water bottles and the nasty water in them.)  Everyday my son takes a homemade lunch to school in reusable containers!

When you call me understand that I’m a real mom working this business and if you hear a kid screaming at me (because they only do it when I’m on the phone), dishes being put away or dinner being made that’s just normal. I will still be professional, kind and as helpful as possible.



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  1. very awesome website…

    Mar 5, 2012 Reply
  2. LOVE it!!!! What a beautiful family <3

    Andrea Stevens
    Mar 5, 2012 Reply
  3. Hi!
    I also read a great posting about something like: “When you buy from us it’s not a VP buying his 3rd house in Costa Rica, or etc… You get the picture. I’ll try and find it, going to make a poster for our business to put on the wall and remind people what a small business is.

    When you buy from us you also support all the CSA’s in Michigan, and ……

    nice blog!

    Mar 5, 2012 Reply
  4. Your life is much like mine except my children are all grown with children of their own and they are living the same way. Hopefully a sign of returning to our roots and living life as it is intended to be lived. You have a fantastic product here good luck. I will be ordering straws for the grand kids to have here but need to get some cool cups first, most have out grown the sippy cups. Love buying local or at least made in the USA.
    Thanks again!

    Mar 5, 2012 Reply
  5. I don’t mean to criticize, I am just wondering why do you consider vegetable and canola oil to be rancid? And what do you use in place of white sugar?
    And I cook all our meals from scratch, we love our reusables, including our strawesome straws. I just try to keep up to date on information to make the best choices for us. We do have food allergies in our house to contend with, so that does make a difference. Because butter isn’t a safe option for us.
    Also http://www.turkfarms.com/ is a great local farmer I’ve used for years, since I moved he just isn’t local anymore, but he travels to farmers market, but the closest one to me now is in Milford, which is a 40 minute drive.

    Jenifer Dunkle
    Mar 5, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Jennifer,
      My husband and I have educated ourselves over the years on what food to eat (and what not to eat). I’ve followed NourishMD.com online and TotalLifestyle on Facebook. In addition to reading the information from the Weston A. Price Foundation, Dr. Mercola and a few other resources we’ve learned that canola and vegetable oil are in indeed poor sources of oil that are consistently rancid. I’ve learned that if you heat olive oil to high it will also turn rancid so I no longer cook with olive oil and have switched to coconut oil.
      For sweeteners we use local honey, sucanat or sugar in the raw (this is rarely used, it’s mostly honey in our house).

      Daedra Surowiec
      Mar 6, 2012 Reply
      • Thanks for all the great information. We only use olive oil for dressings and such if we have it and any other oils we buy in smaller quantities and use quickly. I usually only have a months worth on hand, except coconut oil, I tend to buy larger quantities of that, because we also use it for hair and body as well as food. I will have to check out the resources you provided and thanks again for the information. And when I make brownies, or other sweets, using coconut oil in them and as the ‘grease’ for the pan makes a yummy substitute.

        Jenifer Dunkle
        Mar 6, 2012 Reply

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