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Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. That’s the focus of this blog post, and the mission behind winning a $50 gift certificate for

Your View of Life Shapes How and What You Can Learn

We are huge fans of Nutritionista Meghan Telpner. She brings a fun flavor of goodness to the world through her culinary expertise. Watch her creed video to get a taste of who Meghan is and what you can learn and apply to your life (and see if you can spot a glass straw or two):

What You Could Learn From Meghan

Meghan’s gearing up for her annual CNE Program which provides professional certification in culinary nutrition, and we wanted to share this learning opportunity with the Strawesome community since so many of you are into healthy living.  If everyone took this program, or had access to the information and inspiration that Meghan shares, our world would be a much healthier, and happier place.

The upcoming program’s details can be found on the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program website and FAQ page.

A couple of important upcoming dates to note:

  • July 15th: Last day for 3-month payment plan option
  • July 25th: Last day to apply for a scholarship
  • Aug 9th: Registration closes,  but space is limited so act now
  • Week of September 9th – Program Begins!

Help Others Learn

Special Edition Strawesome

We would love to see more people join this revolution and therefore we’re donating the proceeds from the sales of our new Special Edition Strawesome named Meghan’s Super Smoothie Straw (pictured on the right) to Meghan’s Culinary Nutrition Expert Scholarship Program!

If you love super cool straws and want to support someone going through the CNE program, this is one way you can make a difference for someone who is otherwise unable to participate in the program. What they learn could change the world!

Win $50 to spend on


Want to win a $50 gift certificate for  In the spirit of Meghan’s mission for others to learn what she has to offer, we’ve got a similar mission for you. Post an image with the theme of “learning” by July 17th for a chance to win.

Share your mission by using #StrawesomeShot on a public profile through one of the following methods:

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