Tip Tuesday

I want to share a little green living tip that will also save you some money this Tuesday.

Baking soda is being marketed like crazy these days. In toothpaste, laundry detergent.. it seems like everything has the power of baking soda in it!

Instead of spending all your hard earned money on products that contain baking soda, just use baking soda (shocking, I know). I do this with many things and don’t notice a difference (except in my wallet). The baking soda by itself cleans just as good as any store bought product that is usually full of other toxic ingredients like fragrance and dyes. I like the smell of fresh and clean, not chemical summer breezes, and baking soda does just this.  Here are some great things I personally use baking soda on (watch for recipes for them coming in future posts):

Homemade toothpaste (be sure your baking soda does not contain aluminum in this case)

Laundry Detergent

Auto dish soap

Remove baked-on food from dishes

All purpose cleaner

Tile cleaner (I can make magic scrubbing bubbles appear!)

Toilet cleaner

Remove pet stains and smells from carpet

Clothing stain remover

I know that the popular thing these days is “couponing” but imagine what time and money you would save it if you didn’t have to buy 9 different household/personal care items. This is how I save money so that I can feed my family good organic produce (which really isn’t that expensive) and it may make room in your budget for some glass straws. 🙂


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