Tip Tuesday – Holiday Edition

Every holiday season that rolls around I’m faced with the gift-giving dilemma.  Most of my family members don’t really need anything, however I like to give gifts of thanks to those I love so I’m always challenged with what to give to each person.  This year I’ve come up with something new….

I’m creating special Christmas surprise gifts for under the tree.  I’ve chosen 4 unique gifts that are either made by me or purchased from small businesses that I know someone in the room will appreciate.  I wrap them up and label them with a riddle/rhyme.  The first person to pick up the package  has to read the first note and pass it along to the corresponding person. Here is a example of one (I hope none of my family are reading this!).  I’ve wrapped up two personalized straws with the letter J on them.

  • No name on this gift? Who could it be for? Hand this special present to someone sitting on the floor.
  • Christmas comes once a year.  Pass this present to the person who wears the most Christmas cheer.
  • To some a snowy day looks like heaven.  Give this to the person who is about to turn 7
  • To get here we all had to drive.  Give this package to the person who was last to arrive.
  • We came from here and from there.  Hand this to the person with the curliest hair.
  • Some of us love a good Yule log.  Give this to the person with the most dogs.
  • I love my family.  Hand this package to the person closest to the Christmas tree.
  • This was such a wonderful day.  Pass this over to the person whose names starts with the letter J.
  • You win!  Open up the package and claim your Christmas surprise.

If I can keep my mouth shut during the process no one will know it’s from me so that makes it even more entertaining.  I end the riddles so that the last line relates to the gift inside.  For example, another gift I’m making a “do it yourself manicure and pedicure” and therefore the last line will relate to a female with painted nails.  Another gift will be a big jar of my homemade granola so that one can end on anyone.

Making the holiday celebration fun and keeping everyone guessing – that’s my kind of fun!




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