The Farmers Market: A Favorite Place To Shop

The Farmers Market: A Favorite Place To Shop

If you haven’t visited a farmers market near you or somewhere new, you’re missing out!

These are one of my favorite places to visit and shop.  I also love going to farmers markets when I’m traveling out of town or even around my own town because I get a feel for the people in each community. Each farmers market is unique and provides different items according to what’s in season as well as what’s grown or made in that region. I might stop in for fresh produce, but then discover a new treasure from a local small business.

What are some of our favorites? Besides the salad vegetables, each summer we stock up and freeze fresh strawberries (you know the organic, juicy, red ones that are REAL) so we have them over the winter for our smoothies. We also score the best non-GMO corn on the cob that we cook on the grill a few times a week.  In the fall, we buy a “ton” of apples and make our own applesauce and apple pies. We in fact just did this over the weekend (and sadly there is no pie left)!

If you’ve never been to a farmers market or love them as much as I do, you might want to check out this article on 7 Ways to Shop Smarter at Farmers Markets. Enjoy!


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