Strawesome Eco- and Health-Friendly Glass Straws Looks to Continue to Drive Change

Company is resolved to remain focused on positively impacting families and the environment in the New Year

Milford, Michigan — Strawesome is proud to begin another year continuing the same great mission of replacing single-use, disposable plastic straws with reusable glass straws to reduce the toxic health impact on our bodies, animals and the environment.

Founded in 2009 by artist Daedra Surowiec and her tech-savvy husband Brian Surowiec, Strawesome combines Daedra’s passion for art and wellness with her desire to make a difference in the lives of families and in the environment.

“One thing I personally love about my business is that it allows me to incorporate all these passions seamlessly, giving me joy and purpose in my work. I love it as much today as when I made my first straw,” she said.

The benefits of using Strawesome glass straws include:

  • Drinking from glass means you ARE NOT drinking from plastic (which contains harmful BPA, phthalates and toxins)
  • Reducing our landfill waste (in just three hours at a typical venue, 200 people will use and dispose of an average 600 straws!)
  • Encourages kids to drink healthy green juice, smoothies or more water (kids love fun straws!)
  • According to speech therapists, using straws helps children’s oral development
  • Great aid for those sick in bed or with physical disabilities
  • Keeps your teeth whiter when drinking coffee, tea, wine or any acidic beverage
  • Makes a perfect gift for the eco-focused person

Benefits of Strawesome Glass Straws

Daedra is thrilled that the growing Strawesome community is benefiting from her functional art. She is also pleased with the frequent positive feedback she receives from customers, who say that drinking from a Strawesome glass straw makes a difference in their lives. Customers note that not only does it make beverages taste better, it raises awareness of the harmful effects of plastics and encourages them to put their own thumbprint on health and the environment.

“I couldn’t be happier with how well our glass straws have been received and that people around the world use a handmade product that I created,” Daedra said. “It is proof that something small can be an effective agent for change and it humbles me to know I am contributing to a better future.”

Founded in 2009, Strawesome is a family-owned and operated Michigan-based green company with a commitment to health and the environment. Strawesome offers fun, safe and reusable glass drinking straws to people of all ages — making it easy to go green. Every Strawesome straw is handmade in the company’s workshop in Milford, Michigan.

For more information on Strawesome, including interviews, samples and photos, please contact Daedra Surowiec at or call 313-585-3820 or visit the links below.





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