Straw Models Wanted

model with strawesome reusable glass strawWith summer officially upon us, our customers are looking forward to cool, refreshing summer drinks. Whether a breakfast smoothie, green juice, fancy cocktail, or ice cold water; there’s something special taking it in with a Strawesome glass straw. There’s a special kind of pride when one knows they are taking “drinking responsibly” to a whole new level.

If you are one of these future shapers, we want to thank and promote your Strawesomeness! We want to thank you for keeping the toxic plastic straws away from the people and places where they can do the most damage.  Because of you modeling the future, one day alternative straws will become the new norm!

So, grab your beverage. Grab your Strawesome straw. Grab your camera. Take a photo, post it with hastag #strawesomeshot and tag @Strawesome on Facebook or @BeStrawesome on Instagram and Twitter so we can build you up. A few lucky models will get some e-gifts from us for participating.

Much Love!

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  1. Just posted my pic with my Strawesome straw 😀 We use ours every day! They are washed and almost never put ‘away’ in the drawer.

    Jun 23, 2016 Reply
  2. Just posted a few shots of my kids using their straws and drinking a smoothie!

    Cathleen Mills
    Jun 29, 2016 Reply

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