Sparkling 10th Avenue Tea

Sparkling 10th Avenue Tea

One day on accident, we discovered the wonderfulness that is 10th Avenue Tea and have loved it ever since!  Today we are featuring a drink recipe from our friends Morgan and Ann, the co-founders of 10th Avenue Tea.

Ann Foley and Morgan Walsh are not only the cofounders of 10th Avenue Tea, but they are also tea-loving sisters-in-law.  Though they each had busy lives before founding the company (stay-at-home moms to 4 kids and 3 kids, entrepreneur, actress), they both had a strong passion for the environment and a desire to reduce waste. Their concern for the environment combined with the search for the perfect, most convenient cup of tea is what led them to create their unique all-natural, instant tea powder.


What you might not consider when drinking a cup of tea is the environmental impact.  Just like straws, people don’t give a second thought about what happens to tea bags when you’re finished steeping them.  The average tea drinker consumes 3 cups per day creating over 1,000 tea bags and other tea-related waste that goes straight to a landfill everyday!  Don’t even get me started on those plastic quick-brew cups! The 10th Avenue Tea gals got to thinking about all this waste and therefore came up with a convenient and eco-friendly tea powder option.

What I love about this product is the fact that their powder alternative is actually MORE convenient than a tea bag or a pod in making a good cup of tea.  This eco-friendly view of tea is just another great way we get to change the world. Congrats Ann and Morgan!

Give this great recipe a try from 10th Avenue Tea!

10th Avenue Tea Sparkling Tropical Iced Tea


12 oz. Orange Seltzer water, such as La Croix

8-10 Shakes 10th Avenue Tea Tropical blend


Add 8-10 shakes of 10th Avenue Tea Tropical blend to a mug. Pour orange seltzer into the mug and give it a stir. Fill with ice, stick a Strawesome straw in it and serve.

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