The Smoothie Game – Dr. Rhea Meta

The Smoothie Game – Dr. Rhea Meta

Today we’re taking smoothie tips from Dr. Rhea Mehta, founder of global smoothie day (which occurs every October 3rd!), and whose sole purpose is to empower you to self-heal.

Your smoothie should exude this amount of beauty and excitement when it enters your body!

There’s so much health-washing in our society today that it shows me that people are actually paying attention to what they’re being educated on about food, or else why would big companies want to jump on the band wagon? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Unfortunately, sometimes the imitation is lost when greed gets in the way. The big problem is when a big company tries to tap the health food market but do so in a way that deceives the public into thinking their product is healthy when it actually is not.

Is Your Smoothie Causing You More Harm Than Good?Dr. Rhea, who is a doctor of Molecular & Nutritional Biochemistry turned Optimal Health Coach, is working to teach her clients to know the difference between healthy and health-washing. She created this awesome info graphic (at right) showing how your store-bought smoothie does more harm than good. When you have the knowledge of how to decipher beneficial food from easy, quick, sugar-laden food, you then have the power to take your health into your own hands. Let food be thy medicine, right!

Smoothies are honestly one of the easiest meals to make. Yes, I consider them a meal! Anything with that many good-for-you ingredients is absolutely a meal in itself.  If you’re going to start anywhere on a health journey I strongly suggest learning the way to make a great smoothie. Then after time, you’ll be ready to have fun and mix it up with your OWN creative smoothies.

Dr. Rhea has shared one of her go-to smoothie recipes (see below) from 2016 Global Smoothie Day. Let us know if you mix this smoothie up and you like it.

Dr. Rhea can be found on her website, Living Rhea.




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