Palate Restaurant Switches to Strawesome Reusable Glass Straws

Palate Restaurant Switches to Strawesome Reusable Glass Straws

Recently, our friends at Palate restaurant, here in Milford, Michigan, began the transition from plastic straws to reusable glass straws. This is special for us because Palate is one of our favorite restaurants and they are clearly a leader here in Michigan and in the restaurant industry. We applaud Palate for not giving in to the pressure to change to an alternative single-use straw (like paper straws which get thrown away after they kinda work for a few minutes), but instead choosing glass – the material history has proven to be the premium option.

Glass straws are safer than people initially think. Made from the same durable glass as Pyrex®, these reusable straws can withstand crazy hot and cold temperatures while giving the user a premium sipping experience. Unlike metal and plastic, glass doesn’t leach its ingredients into your beverage, maintaining your drink’s great taste. Being that glass is transparent, you know immediately if the straw is clean or dirty. Again, all other straws are opaque making it hard to know they are truly clean. Glass straws can also be sanitized in the dishwasher (Palate has a specially designed cleansing system) making them easy to clean and reuse. And reusing straws is the top benefit of them all.

According to the statistics in the United States of America, every person uses approximately 584 straws per year. In a restaurant,  that many straws can be used in an hour! So anytime a restaurant switches to reusable glass straws, that can add up to a significant reduction of waste. Kudos to Palate for stepping up and making a difference here in our community.

So, if and when you are in Milford and want a bite to eat, we recommend you go visit Palate and be sure to order a drink. It will definitely be Strawesome!

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