Let’s Team Up with Straws for a Cause

Hello I Am Someone Who Can Help Nametag WordsIt’s not really about glass straws. It never has been. It’s about health – healthy people, healthy animals, and a healthy planet. Glass Straws are just one way to partake in that mission and we’ve got an exciting new program to take it to a whole new level.

When you order glass straws this holiday season, we will donate the proceeds of the order towards special projects that impact the people around you. Examples may be:

  • A musical instrument for a school child so that they can join the band
  • Winter coats for a family that’s not prepared for winter
  • A car repair for a single parent stranded at home
  • Snow removal service for an elderly person that lives down the street

Submit Your Ideas

The ways to help are endless, but we first need to know what they are and that’s where you come in. Please leave a comment below sharing your ideas for how we can work together to make a difference for someone in your life that has a need.

Follow these guidelines when posting your comment

  • Include who it’s for, but do not use their names in your post
  • Include a very short description of the need (see samples above)
  • Include the total cost of the project and keep it under $200

How It Will Work

From your submissions, we will select 12 special projects to include in our “Straws for a Cause” program and contact those we selected for more information. We will then share each special project on our website, social media, and email to let our Strawesome community share in the fun of making each of these special projects become realized this holiday season. We plan to launch this program no later than the first week of December.

Anyone placing an order for straws will be able to associate their order using a coupon code to the project they want to support and we will assign the proceeds from their order accordingly.  When a special project is fully funded, we will get that project completed ASAP. Once completed, we will share the success story with everyone.

Together We Can Do This

This will be an amazing giving season and we look forward to teaming up with you like never before! Please post your comment by November 22, 2014 to be considered as one of the 12 special projects.

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