“I’ll Have Water”

“With lemon, please.”  Then it arrives and I want my lemon squeezed in my water…


I’ll be honest, my favorite drink is water with fresh lemon in it. When I go out to eat I want to save room for all the yummy food so I don’t drink a lot.  What I order is water with lemon.  Not only is it tasty and refreshing but it’s good for you, I especially love sparkling water with lemon for a treat every so often.

So, I have this icy cold glass of fresh water with a lemon slice in it.  But how am I supposed to get the lemon all squeezed out into my water?  Use my fork/spoon/knife? That’s just poor etiquette at the dinner table.  Use a plastic straw? That’s nearly impossible because the thing is so flimsy. 

Enter my glass straw.  With power and ease I smash that slice of lemon like nothing else.  Then I just drink out of my straw and enjoy every sip, ahhhh!

~ Daedra

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  1. I love the idea of taking the waste and guilt out of straw usage! Do find that you have to say something ahead of time so your drink doesn’t come with a plastic straw or do most restaurants only give a straw on request anyway? (I know trying to not get my purchases bagged at stores often seems to take a lot of effort because people are so ingrained to not think about all the waste being created and are often on autopilot)

    May 29, 2012 Reply

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