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Woman shaping a Heart with the handsI’m going to sit here at 10PM and type this to motivate myself to do something.  You see, when I put this out there to all of you I feel like I have to live up to my goals. That’s the way I work.  I’ve stepped outside the box and done some big things in life, starting Strawesome was a huge leap of faith on my part.  Because of all of you Strawesome has become something more than I ever thought it would!

Living life with no regrets.  How many people actually do that?  This is the way I want to live and in turn be an inspiration for my children.

I woke up one day and realized that within 2 years time I will be 40 years old.  I then set a goal for myself to do something epic before I hit that birthday.  Some call it a bucket list, I just call it a Goal Ahead. My goal is to hike the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim with Brian.  The first and last time I was at the Grand Canyon, I was extremely disappointed when the entire view of the canyon was clouded by smoke blowing in from wildfires to the West!

I put my Goal Ahead out there to Brian and he, who is always so supportive, was all about it.  I put this goal out there to my parents who had hiked it before I was even born.  They wanted to join in the hike. Then, for about 4 months I let life get into my head.  Who was going to take care of my kids? (You see, I love to be WITH my kids on as many adventures as possible. It’s what my parents did with me and it was amazing!)  How am I ever going to pay for this!??!  (Have you ever looked at the price of a good pair of hiking boots and a backpack? Shocking!)  How will I manage Strawesome while I’m away?  Will the workouts I’ve been doing be sufficient to allow my body to endure hiking 25 miles in a canyon?  How will I eat while hiking? (I know, stupid. My mom says I, of all people, should have no problem with prepping food.)

It’s amazing how many “things” can get in the way of that Goal Ahead!

But in the last few weeks I realized that I was sabotaging my own plans.  I openly expressed all this to Brian and my parents and we’ve worked together to make a way for it to all happen.  Our plan is to rent a RV and travel out West together.  Brian and I will hike the Grand Canyon while my parents hang out with the little boys. Wowzer, that was pretty easy! 

Brian and I priced out the gear we need and learned that REI is a pretty awesome place.  They’re so helpful and knowledgeable that I can’t wait to get our equipment from them!

We’re coming up on the busy holiday season so as you shop for gifts this year know that if you choose to shop with Strawesome, a portion of what we make this season will go towards this goal of mine.  It’s not everyday that you shop with a company knowing where the profits are going.

I realized in writing this that maybe there are others out there who have or had a goal and either pushed it to the side or pushed forward and accomplished it. I’d love to hear all sides: the good, the bad and the ugly (I know you’re out there!).  Leave a comment below and I will choose one winner to receive a $20 gift certificate to use at Strawesome.com on November 16, 2015.

Much love,


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  1. REI also rents equipment. I always rented my sleeping bag there when I walked the Breast Cancer 3 Day. Good Luck with your Goal Ahead. Mine was to skydive which I did the year I turned 50. Still trying to come up with something for 60

    Vicki Paglione
    Nov 3, 2015 Reply
    • Thanks Vicki!

      Daedra Surowiec
      Nov 3, 2015 Reply
    • Congrats Vicki, you’re the winner! We’ll email you the coupon code prize!

      Daedra Surowiec
      Nov 16, 2015 Reply
  2. One goal I had was to be an architect. As a child, I would draw floor plans to buildings and houses that I wanted to live in. When I got to college, I didn’t really think I could get into architecture, so I started out majoring in math. I eventually transferred to a school closer to home, and thought about taking up architecture at a prominent school near by, but by then, I hand taken too many classes towards math (and computer science) and would be set back by at least a year or more. So I went to a state school and got a degree in computer science. Looking back, that year (or a little more) seem like nothing to pursuing a dream or a goal!
    But life now is a lot different than I envisioned then. I think about what I would do differently, and there are many things, but I love my life.
    I LOVE your goal! I hope you really enjoy your hike and the time in such a beautiful part of our country! How long does it take to hike rim to rim?

    Nov 3, 2015 Reply
    • It’s a 25 mile hike. We’re planning to hike down in one day, spend two nights at the bottom and then hike back up in one day!

      Daedra Surowiec
      Nov 8, 2015 Reply
  3. When I was 16yrs old I decided to try scuba diving while on vacation with my parents. They “let me loose” for the day and told me to return in 5 hours. Unbenonced to them I went down to the quary, watched a video and took a written and practical test to get the go-ahead to dive the next morning in the middle of the deepest ocean on our planet with a group of complete strangers. They said “ok” reluctantly and I had the most incredible time listening to baby and mother whales while watching gobies bob in and out of their homes. Sea turtles ebbing and flowing to the current….teaching me to do the same in MY life. Hey, maybe someday I can show this enchanted place to my BFF? I am extremely grateful for this and many other adventurious endeavors! You will have a fantastic time with your family (don’t forget the duct tape like Cheryl Strayed) and I can’t wait to hear all about it bonfire side!!

    Nov 3, 2015 Reply
    • You’re mistaking me for someone that would even step foot in a ocean, hahaha!!

      Daedra Surowiec
      Nov 4, 2015 Reply

    Nov 3, 2015 Reply
  5. Daedra – thank you for the inspiration! My Goal Ahead is to go BACK to school (ha! I already have two degrees) to help move me closer to obtaining my IBCLC. Too often my Goal Ahead gets clouded by thoughts of “how am I going to do this”? “How will we afford it?” It becomes daunting and defeating just from those thoughts. I have faced it will be a long journey with no guaranteed outcome of success but sometimes the accomplishment is reward enough. We shall see. Thanks again for the reminder to just take a first step.

    Jeanette Albright
    Nov 7, 2015 Reply
    • Good for you Jeanette! Overcoming your own brain telling you that you can’t do something is the hardest thing. Keep you thoughts positive and there’s no doubt you’ll succeed! Just look at everything you’ve done up to this point in life, did you ever think at some point one of those things would be hard? (um, birthing a giant baby naturally!) Of course! But you persevered and came out the other side just fine. I’m here rooting for you!!

      Daedra Surowiec
      Nov 8, 2015 Reply
  6. Still working towards my goal of owning my own business but it is something I am passionate about and continue to work at. Haha, I seem to get pregnant every time I push forward in making my goals come to fruition which sounds crazy but I feel like the Universe is telling me that these babies are all part of the bigger picture with my business. My two kids plus one on the way are the reason I want to be my own boss and be able to work from home with them close by. We are a strong family unit and it is important for me to be there for them.
    Love your goal too and I think the family support will make all things possible for you to reach this goal. Congrats and good luck with the planning, what an exciting adventure!

    Nov 16, 2015 Reply

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