From Glass Straws to Snowboarding

From Glass Straws to Snowboarding

Dear Daedra: What is your favorite hobby or pastime?

I’m an avid reader and can get wrapped up into a book and finish it in just a few short days. I prefer to read from a good old fashioned paper book, rather than from an electronic device (I find the technology distracting).

I read way too much to have one favorite author, but I’ve become a new fan of Kristin Hannah. My favorite genre is historical fiction. I’ve learned so much more about history than I learned in school. It really amazes me what I didn’t know.

Another thing I’d love to learn to do is snowboard. I tried once and really hurt myself.  I wish that I could just pick up and go snowboard rather than having to learn it! Maybe if my kids get interested we can do it together.


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