Grab a Funky Glass Straw!

One of the best uses for a glass drinking straws is for sipping plenty of the best fluid for your body – water!

Want your kids to drink more water easily?

Grab a funky glass straw and a glass of water! On hot summer days it can be difficult to get little kids hydrated quickly and efficiently (let’s be honest, sippy cups aren’t very efficient. Convenient, yes, but that’s it.)

Showing your child how you drink your water with a funky glass straw will immediately garner their attention and they’ll want a sip. If you give them a swig with your straw, you’ll be amazed how much of your water they’ll sip/suck down!

Trying to lose weight and kick the soda pop habit?

Reducing or eliminating sugary soda and juice is high on the list when wanting to lose weight. We know it can be a difficult habit to kick, but your body will thank and reward you. This is also a great way to free up some money to afford that glass straw you’ve had your eye on.

So instead of grabbing for that 2 liter of your favorite carbonated beverage, grab a funky glass straw and a glass of water! Everyone we poll says water tastes better with a glass straw too.

What’s the fastest way to quench your thirst?

I did a little test today.  I took a 16oz. glass of ice water (5 ice cubes each time) and drank them two different ways to see how long it would take to chug the good stuff down.

First, I drank without a straw from the rim of the glass.  Not only was it hard to breathe but it felt claustrophobic and it took me 1 minute, 21 seconds to finish.

Next, I drank with a regular width straw.  I could breathe easily and that big glass of water went down super fast – 57 seconds! (And yes, I did use the restroom many times in the following hour.)

So next time you are in a hurry, grab a funky glass straw and start sipping!


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  1. I LOVE that you timed how long it took to drink a huge glass of liquid! 🙂 I found the same thing, I could drink a lot more water in a short period of time much easier!

    Jul 21, 2011 Reply

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