Friend Friday – Meghan Telpner

I just had to add this photo of today’s friend, Meghan Telpner.  Not only does it make me laugh (and she’s probably going to hate me for posting it here) but it is meaningful to me because it shows how I feel most days! Crazy lady with chard coming out of her head! Below is a little Q & A with our friend in Toronto…

1.     How did you get started in the business?

I decided, after three years of working in the corporate world and then overcoming some serious health issues, that I wanted to have the most fun job there ever was. So I created it. In my mind, I figured I would throw dinner parties that functioned like cooking classes. People would come over to cook the meal together and then we’d sit around the table to enjoy it as a family for the evening. This grew into running my destination retreats, creating my own products, writing eBooks and now, coming up this year, writing a book set for big time publishing. I had a very clear idea from the start, not of what I wanted my business to be in terms of exact services and offers, but I knew what I wanted my brand to represent. I knew the feeling, hope and fun that I wanted to convey to others and I wanted to be able to communicate all that I knew and all that I was doing in the most fun, colourful and humour-filled way possible. The actual business components just evolved, based largely on what my audience, blog readers and class guests were asking for.

2.     Are you working on any current projects? 

I sure am. This month we are shooting for my book, The UnDiet. Pictures of me cooking in the kitchen, glamour shots of the dishes, a brunch with my friends. At the end of the month I am off to St. Lucia to lead my 4th annual Nourish Your Soul retreat. We’re also working on building up the website and blog a little more, to better enable us to show off and support the work we do here as well as many of our brand partners and sponsors. There is ALWAYS something going on!

3.     What type of advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

Check your fear at the edge and dive in head first. I’ve been talking a lot lately about getting healed for most horrible disease of Excuse-itis. It brings us down and lets us stay too safe. I sincerely believe that there are very few businesses that won’t work. People also have to realize that being an independent business owner is a lot tougher than showing up at a job and getting your pay check every two weeks. With your own business, you are always on it- working on it, thinking about it, talking about it. So you better LOVE it!

4.     If you weren’t doing what you are doing, what would you like to do instead?

This… but on a tropical island, with a coconut in my hand sipping fresh coconut water through a Strawesome straw.

5.     How do you motivate people who aren’t close to you to see your vision?

(Not sure I fully understand this one- will try)

I just keep doing what I do and live my vision everyday. Peeps can choose to come along for the ride or just keep thinking I’m totally cooky. Either work well for me. Would love them to join the fun and am equally thrilled to be thought of as cooky than to be just like everyone else.

 6.     If you could choose your last meal on earth, what would it be?

 Oh my! It depends when that last meal was. Typically my newest recipe creation is my current favourite.
 7. Tell us some of the food shops you frequent when buying groceries to cook for yourself?

My own! I couldn’t find everything I loved the most all in one shop so I just started ordering the goods from the suppliers. I keep some for me and put the rest in my shop. That means I only have to shop for produce, and for that, I hit up the organic markets.

Thanks Meghan!  We love working with you and seeing all the fun and fresh foods you whip up!


Who is this Meghan Telpner character?
Meghan Telpner, Certified Nutritionist and Chief Love Maker of her blog Making Love In The Kitchen, delivers a refreshingly realistic approach to nutrition and healthy living. Based in Toronto, Meghan is the director of The Love In The Kitchen Academy cooking school as well as Nourish Your Soul Holidays, leading healthy living retreats world-wide. Having healed from Crohn’s Disease, an ‘incurable’ autoimmune disease, Meghan inspires people to take a look at their lives and to start living their dreams now. Meghan’s enthusiasm, charisma, positive energy and dynamism are truly motivating and inspiring.

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