Friend Friday – Marni Wasserman

Today’s friend is Marni Wasserman, a Culinary Nutritionist who teaches Toronto’s best cooking classes.  Marni focuses on organic, natural, vegan and vegetarian cooking to help improve the lives of many!  A while back Marni approached me to create a custom straw based on the colors of her website and logo. It was so fun to create a awesome straw with a bright green swirl and white dots just for her customers!

1.     How do you motivate people who aren’t close to you to see your vision?

I lead by example. I am extremely passionate about what I do. But it is very important to me not to push vegetarianism on anyone. But rather, I  try and explain to people that everyone can eat a more plant based no matter where they are at. It is about encouraging people to learn what they can add into their diet and not what to take out. And lastly it is about people understanding that living and eating this way can only add to their life in terms of health, longevity and overall well being.

2.     How did you get started in this business? 

I got started without a business plan, that’s for sure. I knew I loved food and I knew I loved to teach. So with my background as a nutritionist and the culinary training from a chef school in new york, I then had the confidence and passion to start teaching classes. This became the foundation of what I wanted to do. It started with cooking classes and now has branched into so many different realms including consultations, workshops, retreats and writing. These are all mediums through which I can reach a wider audience and engaging people into areas of nutrition and wellness that are unique fun, inspiring and educational!  

3.     What type of satisfactions do you get out of your work? 

 There is truly nothing more rewarding than inspiring people to have fun in the kitchen. Through my work, I am able to help individuals gain their confidence and passion in the kitchen again. People have reconnected with food, ingredients and learn to appreciate what it means to be connected to food. Plant based eating has that effect on people. There is a direct energy – and overall people just feel better. To know that I am the facilitator of such profound changes in my clients lifestyle and health is extremely satisfying and rewarding. 

4.     Tell us some of the food shops you frequent when buying groceries to cook for yourself? 

I love to frequent and support local resources including farmers markets, small health foods stores, coop’s and CSA for my groceries. I also get some of my favourite products online from like-minded companies that are aligned with my values.

5.     What do you normally think about right before falling asleep?

I normally think about what I am going to do the next day – and plan a little bit in advance. But I also like to reflect on my day. What did I enjoy, what I am grateful for and lastly how happy I am with my life. 

6.     What is your favorite past time?

I have so many! I love to run, hike, do yoga, read and spend time with my family and dog. If there is time in my schedule for a vacation, there is nothing better than getting away to somewhere hot or somewhere that my husband and I can do some outdoor activities.

 Thanks Marni!

~ Daedra

* Marni is a Graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, with a certificate as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She is also a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Culinary Institution in New York City and certified as a chef. Her focus is stemmed around whole foods, and she is dedicated to providing individuals with a balanced lifestyle through natural foods. Using passion and experience, she strives to educate individuals on how everyday eating can be simple and delicious.

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