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Today’s friend is Seeley with Cultures Alive, one of our wonderful retailers in Autralia! Cultures Alive is a great resource for all things fermented – Room Temperature Yoghurt Cultures, Greek & Bulgarian Yoghurt Cultures, Buttermilk Culture, Kombucha, Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, Sourdough Starter… you name it!  And have you seen Benny (pictured below)? Check out their Facebook page for a really cute description of what beneficial bacteria do for our bodies.

1. How did you get started in the business?

We started following the Weston A Price Foundation dietary guidelines due to our family’s health issues.  As part of this change we started fermenting foods.  All our cultures are continuously reusable and some were hard to find in Australia and had to be bought from overseas.   We decided to start breeding and selling them in Australia.  Then we began to minimise our chemical exposure through limiting plastics and we found Strawesome straws.  More recently we have discovered Pickl-It fermenting systems and the benefits of fermenting food under true anaerobic conditions.

2. What type of satisfactions do you get out of your work?

Seeing my cultures get healthier and multiplying is great.  And receiving emails from people who’s health has improved as a result of including fermented foods into their diet is hugely rewarding.

3. What motivates you on a day to day basis?

I have a passion for watching my little microbes grow.  I love experimenting with different recipes and finding new ways to incorporate them into our diets and occasionally find other uses for our cultures too.  I’m looking forward to studying microbiology at university once my girls are older.

4.       What is your guilty pleasure?

Being ALONE.  Just for an hour a week I like to be all by myself, doing whatever I feel like and revelling in the quiet.

5.     What made you decide to do what you’re doing?

I wanted to work from home so I could homeschool my children.  It was obvious to me that I had the best chance of success if I chose something I was passionate about.

6. If you weren’t doing what you are doing, what would you like to do instead?

Sometimes I dream about giving it all up to sit in the corner and crochet for the rest of my life but a few hours is enough to help me rebalance myself and I regain my passion.

7. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?

My partner and 2 daughters, unless they are part of the stranding, then I’d choose a cow, my Pickl-Its and my cultures.  I’m sure the island we’re stranded on would have plenty of coconuts & tropical fruit to ferment and I can’t live without my fresh yoghurt!

Thanks Seeley! It’s great to realize I have so much in commom with you, even if you are so far away!

~ Daedra

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