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If Philip McCluskey doesn’t inspire you to make a change in your life no one will!  When I was first introduced to Philip and Loving Raw I was in awe at how he changed his life with real, raw foods.  He transformed his own 400 pound physique and is now inspiring others worldwide to do the same!  Here’s a little Q & A with Philip:

1.     What made you decide to do what you’re doing?

I reached a max weight of 400 lbs and knew that my health was in big trouble, so I switched to a 100% raw vegan diet and lost over 200 lbs and transformed my body, and my life. After my transformation I decided to travel around the world sharing the message of health and self love.

2.     What type of satisfactions do you get out of your work?

What is a man without a purpose? It drives me! I love sharing with people, seeing their lives improved and seeing people really get switched on to health and happiness. 

3.     What motivates you on a day to day basis?

My will to contribute. To know that with simple health changes we can all increase our health and improve our planet.

4.     Where do you see yourself in the next five/ten years?

Offering a lot more seminars and workshop around the world.

 5.     What is your favorite quote?

 “The external is a direct reflection of the internal”

6.     What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate Raw Vegan Ice Cream

7.     You’ve got $10 to buy lunch – where do you go?

The grocery store, then back to my kitchen to make an amazing salad with avocado.

Thanks Philip! We here at Strawesome are proud to work with you!



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