My Favorite Glass Straw

My Favorite Glass Straw

Dear Daedra: What is your favorite glass straw?

You might think that it is impossible for me to have a favorite glass straw, but I do. My personal favorite glass straw is our 10″ regular designer glass straws. I use one of these straws every single day in my 30 oz insulated RTIC tumbler and it is always with me, whether I am eating/making food, making straws, at the gym, on the go, etc.  At the end of the day, I put the dirty straw in the dishwasher and choose a clean one in the morning (I have about 3 I rotate through).

Brian has an RTIC too. He typically uses a 10″ non-designer colored glass straw. He took the car photo below almost a year ago (it is date stamped February 21, 2017) while waiting for a traffic light to turn green. It should be no surprise, since we are all about reusables, that we are using the same tumblers and straws a year later! They work just as good as they did a year ago.

What I love about the RTIC-Strawesome combo is that we drink plenty of water, staying hydrated all day long, and we have a handy visual to educate others about reusable glass straws.

We carry a few different colors in the 30 oz RTIC insulated tumblers and I did a video review of them this past fall if you are interested. They are a great investment as you can see!

30 oz RTIC Insulated Tumbler with Glass Straw in Cup Holder

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