Earth (Appreciation) Day

It’s Earth Day and I want to take a moment to show my appreciation.  Not only for the earth and all it selflessly gives to us, but to all of our customers.  Your support of Strawesome shows your unending passion for bettering life on our planet.

I know how daunting the journey to be more “green” can be when one starts making those types of changes.  I also know it sometimes takes more time, more energy and/or more money to make these changes permanent. It requires commitment and determination.

That’s why I do lots of giveaways to say thanks for the support!  That one straw I send out just might change someone’s mind about constantly throwing away plastic items.  That one straw could be a financial gift to someone who didn’t have it in their budget to buy a glass straw when 100 of the plastic ones can be bought for $1! (I know, turn away from the bag….)  That one straw could help a sick person get healthy by drinking more water, or assist the disabled who are unable to move the glass to their lips. That one straw could prevent unnecessary litter in our environment. The possibilities are endless.

Strawesome helps others and the earth in many ways. This is what makes my business a success. Because of YOU believing in the difference glass straws can make in this world, my business has been a success!  I stay up late reading all the kind comments on this blog, the competition pages, and the social media outlets, I read them all and they keep me going everyday.

You are so supportive and willing to help with everything we do over here and I appreciate it immensely. I recently put out a call to join our ThunderClap and you responded in great numbers!  We blew past the required 100 participants and now today, we will get the message out to the masses that plastic straws can take a hike! You’ve also been supportive of Strawesome in Start Up Nation’s Leading Moms in Business Competition.  It ends April 30th and we’re already near the HOT end of the meter! Please continue to vote for me. I’ll keep you updated how we do in the end.

To celebrate Earth Day 2014, we’re covering shipping costs on orders across the EARTH! Yes, worldwide FREE shipping!!!  There are two rules to follow:

  1. If you are outside the USA, you must spend at least $25 to get free shipping. USA orders have no minimums.
  2. After calculating your order’s shipping costs, put in promo code THX2U and click the arrow to apply it.

This FREE Shipping event is valid for new orders placed today only, so hurry and go tell your friends in Norway.

Much love,


Comments (2)

  1. Thanks for offering free shipping today! Love your straws. I ordered 2!! Thanks again. 🙂

    Apr 22, 2014 Reply
  2. Yay! Thank you! I ordered an additional two straws myself for “on the go” use! I’ve been promoting you as well!

    Apr 22, 2014 Reply

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