Dear Daedra: What exactly is Strawesome’s Mission?

Dear Daedra: What exactly is Strawesome’s Mission?

Strawesome was born out of my own love of functional art. Strawesome’s mission is therefore to create functional artistic products that improve the health and well-being of our customers and the environment. We expect that the embracing of reusable glass drinking straws will remind people of the dangers of plastics and reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastics being dumped in landfills every day.  It may just be a straw you’re sipping from, but our goal is to have that simple straw be a conversation starter throughout the world!

I have a background in Architectural Design. And my experience in Architecture School trained me to make something beautiful AND functional as well.  For example, an office building won’t serve its purpose if it only looks good. It must also have the functionality that the tenants require.  I absolutely love glass and always have, but I could never find the right medium that I liked to work with.  When I discovered torch work (which is the tool I use to create our straws) I was hooked.  Torch work allowed me to create simple, yet highly colorful designs on something people use everyday – straws!

To go along with my passion for design, I have always had a passion for environmental issues.  I read and educate myself on many topics so that I can make better decisions for my family.  We all start somewhere small at first. I believe that for me it all started with switching out paper napkins for cloth napkins. Then I went deeper with cloth diapers, reusable lunch boxes, non-toxic beauty products, and green cleaning supplies. (Hint – you’ll see some of my favorites in the coming weeks!)

I never knew that one simple product could merge two very different subjects, art and the environment, seamlessly into one. I’m so happy that Strawesome is my business, my passion and my mission for the rest of my life!

Daedra making glass straw

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