Confessions of a Busy Mom

You might be in the same shoes; super busy mom trying to manage a million things in one day. If so, you’ll enjoy my new posts “Confessions of a Busy Mom” that showcase how in the world I can get any time to myself in the average day. 

I personally believe a pedicure is a waste of my time and hard earned money.  Doing it myself is just as rewarding but who has the time!?!  Here’s a short cut! If you have little kids like I do you know they love bath time.  And as the mom I end up sitting there either reading or playing with them.  Sometimes they don’t want me to play with them so instead I opt to give myself a pedicure.  It’s the perfect time because there’s hot soapy water to soak my feet in just calling my name. I keep all my other supplies in the kid’s bathroom cabinet.  Keep on hand a good foot scraper, some shea butter to put on afterwards and  some socks to slip on just before I get the kids out of the tub.

Until next time!

~ Daedra

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