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I’m the type of person who shares the things I’m passionate about. If you’re a close friend of mine you know that I don’t recommend something unless I’ve tried it and it has passed my seal of approval! What I love most about Strawesome’s customer base is that I feel as though I have a lot in common with all of you. So, since I consider you all my friends, I wanted to share with you an awesome program to better yourself (and ultimately everyone around you).

VitalityThe program I’m talking about is Angelle Batten’s 14 Day Get REAL Plan.

When I first found out about this, I had some reservations. I ate quite well already, so my first question was, “Why would I need this?” As I read all the testimonies from people who previously did the cleanse, I knew it would make a difference in my life despite my good diet.  The other thing I was concerned about was whether or not I could still exercise while doing the cleanse (this has become a key part of my week and I work out a lot). The answer was an astounding YES, and the high impact interval training that I do is actually recommended.

The reason I chose to do this cleanse was that I had an addiction to sugar and relied on snacks in between meals to keep me going. I honestly hated both of those eating traits. In the early stages of the cleanse, I actually noticed a huge difference in my eating urges and habits. I cut out both sugar and snacking, plus I had a lot more energy!  To top it all off, I’ve lost 13 pounds!  In the past, I worked really hard to lose weight and never succeeded. The only time I did not exercise was during the few days of fasting and overall, I felt great during the cleanse. The best outcome has been that I’ve maintained the results – over 3 weeks now!

I also did this cleanse with a few of my good friends (highly recommend it because you can support each other and have more fun with it). One of these dear friends, Kelly, got great results and was willing to share her testimony:

Kelly Planko, Mom of 1:  “Before the cleanse, I was feeling very bloated and gassy all the time. I also craved a lot of sugar and was not sleeping enough. During the cleanse, I started to notice the bloating was going away as were the sugar cravings – in fact really early on.  I was getting 8 hours of sleep each night, eating 3 meals while being satisfied, not feeling hungry all the time, and had lots of energy. After the cleanse, I am continuing to eat this way and follow the 3 meals a day schedule. As long as I include the PP (powerful protein), CC (colorful carbs), and FF (friendly fats) in each meal I’m full until the next. I ended up losing almost 10 pounds as well! I’ve tried many “fad” diets in the past and didn’t have much luck in losing weight, and fell right back into my old ways. Not this time! I feel great and owe it to Angelle. She was awesome and I’m so glad I did this cleanse.”

It makes me so happy to know that Kelly is feeling better and I’m encouraging all my friends to do this for themselves!

As you can see, I am extremely grateful that Angelle is a part of my life. Our Get Real For Kids fundraiser straw was created by her when she was a part of the Get Real For Kids organization and her intelligence, patience and creativity have inspired me to feed myself and my family better. I recently asked Angelle a few questions so that you all can get to know this awesome woman:

1) I know you haven’t been leading a real food lifestyle since you were a little girl. When did you decide to make the shift and what inspired you to feed yourself and your family this way?

In my 20s I had a light bulb moment.  I was dealing with chronic stomach aches and someone suggested I stop drinking Mountain Dew every day.  ‘Yeah right’, was my attitude.  To prove them wrong I did stop drinking the Mountain Dew and guess what?  Yep, my stomach aches went away.  That was a first step for me.  Then I became curious and started reading more and more about nutrition.  I discovered I was quite a sugar addict, but knowing that and changing it are two different things and it took me a long time to change that.  When I became pregnant with my oldest, Natalie who is now 14, like many moms I became inspired to raise a healthy, happy child and just kept learning more and more. Eventually I decided to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and become certified as a health coach.  It continues to be an amazing journey both personally and professionally.

2) Who are some people you look to for inspiration in your work?

Some of the leaders in the field that I turn to and learn from are Sally Fallon-Morrel, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Marc David, JJ Virgin, and Dr. Josh Axe. I am truly inspired though by the moms I teach and coach and that is where I learn the most.  In the trenches.  Helping moms take the ‘in a perfect world’ nutrition advice and figuring out how to do it in a family with a picky eater or a child who has lots of food sensitivities and a spouse who isn’t on the same page.  Moms who are committed to feeding their family healthier despite the bumps {or mountains} on the path.

3) Eating local and seasonal is very important. Which season is your favorite to eat from?

I was just thinking about this and the answer is the beginning of whatever season we are in!  Truly, I love so many things about each season, but when the season’s changed I am chomping at the bit for those new seasonal veggies and fruits.  I love that we get to cycle through different amazing foods.  I will say that come about February in Michigan, I start to get a little tired of sweet potatoes, apples and pears and look forward to those fresh spring greens though!

4) No one is perfect. Do tell, what’s your favorite cheat food?

When I say I’m a recovering sugar addict, recovering is the key word.  I am nothing like what I was even 5 years ago.  Now, my sweets are REAL so I don’t feel like they are cheats so much.  My favorite comfort food at the moment are the raw chocolate macaroons from Hail Merry brand.  And I do love my Kahlua and cream every once in a while.  Sugar and dairy – yep that’s me.

5) What type of satisfaction do you get out of your work?

When a mom emails me or tells me in person how much healthier – more REAL – her family is eating because of what I put out online or because of my coaching, that feels awesome.  And when there is a child really struggling, like a 2-year old recently who was projectile vomiting a few times a week and isn’t anymore because of diet changes, I think, “wow, this child is on a completely different path now” and I am so grateful to have played any small role in it at all.  I am also loving working with moms in my 14 Day Cleanse program because I see them getting healthier and happier and that means they will be more of the mom they want to be and their kids need them to be.  It’s huge really and overwhelming when I let myself take it all in.

6) What is your favorite pastime?

Getting outside – walking, riding bikes, playing.  It grounds me to go outside and be present whether I am by myself or with my dog or my family.  It’s so easy not to get out there, especially in the winter for me, but every time I do I feel better mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

7) What’s the one piece of advice you could give to other entrepreneurs?

Understand that realizing your vision will likely take you longer than you thought it would.  Lots of entrepreneurs give up in the first 5 years and you want to make sure you are prepared to work hard and be focused for those first 3-5 years to build a foundation.  Also, reach out for coaching, especially in areas that are not your strength.  It’s an investment in you and your business.

8)What do you think about right before falling asleep?

What am I not thinking about is more like it!  Of course my to do list for the next day is often popping up in my mind. I am also always giving thanks and asking God to guide my thoughts and my next steps.  Really asking God to use my life and allow me to be open to what that might mean.  And sometimes I am sure I am thinking about dark chocolate.

9) Tell me one of the most amazing testimony you’ve had from a client that simply changed their diet to real food.

One that means so much to me is from a mom who had a serious health issue recently.  After going through the 14 Day Cleanse she wrote:  “I didn’t realize the tremendous effect that eating REAL had on my body. I feel great, have more energy and overall in a better mood! I also realized that when I am at my best – I am a better wife, mom, sister, and friend! I will truly continue to share what I have learned and strive to always eat REAL!”  It is amazing to me because I know she is on a path to true healing and she is going to be off of the conventional medical roller coaster.  I’m so happy for her and for her family.

10) Lastly, and just out of curiosity, what was your very first job? (Besides babysitting – I’m talking its time to clock in for work everyday!)

I was 15 and I worked on the floor of a retail clothing store – I think it was called Marriannes.  I had the most lovely boss who was like a grandma to me.  I think I spent all my money on those clothes and I loved working in the mall and seeing friends and of course cute guys walking by. That feels like a whole other life!

Now that you’ve gotten to know Angelle more, I would love to see you do her 14 day program and get results for yourself . To encourage you to go for it, I will personally send you a FREE 8″ smoothie straw (you pay nothing, not even shipping) when you sign up for the cleanse using this link.  Part of this program includes drinking many healthy, filling smoothies that can be quite thick. Trying to drink them without a smoothie straw would be horrible (in my opinion!).

The other programs on this page are new to me, I haven’t done them yet. But if you want to venture on to GET FIT or GET WELL please let me know how it is!

Registration for the next cleanse (which starts January 12, 2013) starts today, December 20, 2013 and ends December 30, 2013. Act now and sign up here!!

I believe in you! You can do anything for 14 days, and you deserve it!

Feel free to post questions here or your can personally email me your questions: daedra [at] strawesome dot com. It’s a passion of mine to help others so your questions are never considered a burden to me.

Love, Daedra

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  1. Can I do the cleanse if I’m nursing my 26 month old a handful of times throughout the day?

    Dec 26, 2013 Reply
    • Hi April, Yes you can do the cleanse while nursing. There are 3 days where there’s no solid food, just a liquid fast. At that time you can supplement with a smoothie or two to keep your milk supply strong. And, make sure you tell Angelle that you’re nursing so that you can get support from her during the fasting period.

      Daedra Surowiec
      Dec 27, 2013 Reply
    • Hi April – Daedra is right on! There have been quite a few nursing moms who went through the plan and had great results. You’ll see some testimonials from one or two of them about how happy they were being able to do this while nursing.

      Dec 27, 2013 Reply
  2. What about if you are pregnant (8+ months) and a vegetarian? I tried to look on her site and all it said was let them know if you are breastfeeding. Also what about those with IBD, such as Crohn’s Disease or Colitis? The anti or less inflammation would be great but not sure how the rest of the program works with these or if there would be something different about someone with these doing the program. Please let me know ASAP or where I can find these answers. Thanks!

    Dec 27, 2013 Reply
    • Irishmama7 – great questions and I can add those to my FAQ page!

      The plan is extremely nourishing and would be amazing for a pregnant woman, other than the 3 days of liquid only fasting. I wouldn’t recommend that, although I would say the liquid drinks we use, which are cultured whey, would be very supportive during this time and you could drink one a day for digestive support.

      There have been vegetarians who have done the cleanse although it’s a bit tricky because we avoid eggs, legumes, soy and most dairy during the 14 days. I respect people’s different philosophical reasons for being vegetarian although as far as health, based on research and tradition growing babies and children {as well as moms} do benefit from plenty of high quality animal protein and fat. Some of the vegetarians who have done the plan decided to add in small amounts of pastured meat/poultry and ended up having great health benefits.

      This plan is amazing for people with IBD – everything in it is geared toward healing the gut, which is foundational to overall health and well-being.

      Thanks for your questions – please let me know if you have any others!

      Dec 27, 2013 Reply

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