3 Ways to Nourish Your Body this Spring using your Strawesome Straw!

3 Ways to Nourish Your Body this Spring using your Strawesome Straw!

Today our guest bloggers are Jill Tanis and Angelle Batten from Nourish To Flourish. Take it away ladies…

Thanks Daedra!

Do you notice how when the winter weather shifts from fiercely cold and grey to a slightly warmer sunny day in April, there’s an urge to move more, to clean up, to clear out, to get outside, to organize the garage or deep clean the house, purge unwanted things or get outside for a hike to the beach, the woods or the park?

As you find yourself cleaning your house, yard, garage, and garden, have you thought about the benefits of giving your body and spirit some of that same TLC? When was the last time you cleared out thoughts, feelings, patterns and old stories that no longer serve you and the woman you’d like to become? The direction you’d like to go?

As two recovering sugar addicts (4 liters of diet soda a day, anyone? Cake for breakfast, yes please!) and both having dealt with major bouts of depression; Angelle with her extreme PMS symptoms and hormonal imbalance; Jill having experienced an eating disorder, chronic fatigue and Lyme Disease; we are both married and moms of 3 kids, leading very full lives. Lives that present challenges and heartache, stressors and hard questions.

Those challenges and stressors have helped us turn lemons into honey-sweetened (or stevia-sweetened) lemonade. Our own health stories have helped us understand and embody the value and necessity of self care, a positive mindset and supportive community to process and grow in our lives.

Spring represents rebirth. Renewal. Revision. An opportunity to rest from certain foods and give your body the ability to balance and heal.

Spring is an awesome time to utilize your stored up energy from winter to awaken your heart and open up to new life and let go of what no longer serves you.

Spring is also a perfect time to clear up thoughts, feelings, patterns and the foods that don’t serve you anymore.

For all these reasons and in honor of our beloved friend, Daedra and her business, we’re giving you 3 ways you can start to reset your body, mind and spirit starting today using your favorite Strawesome straw!



Our secret weapon to calming cravings and losing weight is to add MORE friendly fats at each meal. We teach women the value of incorporating a balanced combo of Friendly Fats, Powerful Proteins and Colorful Carbs (aka fruits & veggies) every time you eat.

Do you want to help kick your cravings, nourish your body, and fuel you for hours? We thought so!

Whether it’s a salad, an entree or a smoothie, ask yourself these 3 questions at each meal:

  1. Where’s the Friendly Fat?
  2. Where’s the Powerful Protein?
  3. Where’s the Colorful Carbs?

This is why we love, love, love smoothies! They’re convenient, can be tweaked for taste preferences and give you lots of easy-to-digest nutrients with no added junk and you can add in plenty of friendly fats, powerful proteins and colorful carbs. What’s not to love?

Plus, Strawesome straws are the perfect addition to the smoothie-making experience. So much that we give a custom designed glass straw to each participant in our 14-Day Spring Reset as a gift. They come in handy with all the smoothie sippin’ that takes place. Our recipe guide includes 8+ different smoothies to try. We’ve included a recipe below to get you to start thinking about how to incorporate more friendly fats and powerful proteins in your smoothie. Give it a try!


We love smoothies because they are so portable and convenient and can be taken with you on the go. However, what we know is that our bodies love to slow down. Have you ever eaten a meal and paused 30 minutes later to remember if you actually ate your meal or not? Or even worse, you look on the counter an hour later and there’s a half glass of smoothie still sitting there because you got distracted and never finished it?

There is so much value in sitting while you eat. Whether you are eating a meal or sipping a smoothie through a straw, it’s tempting to take your food into the car, eat at your desk at lunch while working, stand over the kitchen counter scrolling your phone or shovel food in while you’ve got a quiet moment without kids. We’ve definitely been there, done that! But there is science upon science that supports the power of sitting (undistracted) while you eat.

We’re all for being efficient and making the most of our time, but efficiency looks differently when you eat. When you’re eating, it isn’t as much about efficiency of time (think speed) as much as it’s about slowing down and being present so the food is efficiently and sufficiently used in your body. To actually get the most nutrients out of your smoothie you must move from a fast-paced eater to a slow-paced eater (or sipper in this case!). Science shows us that slowing down to eat (or sip) actually increases your body’s ability to digest and assimilate nutrients. So this spring, nourish yourself by adding in one simple practice. Sit while you eat/sip. Take note what happens. It may feel completely strange at first and “unproductive”. But if you reframe what productivity looks like inside your body when you sit to eat, it has the power to change your life. We’ve seen it time and time again.


Definition of savor: to enjoy to the full; take delight in; appreciate; to discover pleasure in.

Sitting for a meal is one part to the equation. Savoring is the other. When you eat in a rush and hurry, when your mind is so full of other thoughts, or when you eat something you don’t even like the taste of, the meal cannot be fully utilized and absorbed (say good-bye to the flavorless meal!). It’s a proven fact that pleasure, or vitamin P as we call it, increases your absorption of nutrients when you eat.

Savoring takes practice. Savoring takes intention. Heck, we’ll both be working on savoring for the rest of our days, but it is getting easier and easier and a WAY more delightful way to enjoy a meal. And we’ll tell you it’s worth the effort. There’s interesting research that talks about the Cephalic Phase Digestive Response. Cephalic means “head”. In other words, the “head phase” of digestion. It’s the digestion that begins to take place before we even put food in our bodies! It involves and welcomes all of our senses to the meal. Smelling the aroma, the vibrant colors and interesting textures, the conversation around the table, our breathing and being in our bodies while we eat, saying grace before we eat – it all works to get the digestive juices churning and prepare the body to receive the meal. It all matters in order for it to be a “complete” and useful meal.

So the next time you sit for a meal that’s full of colorful carbs, powerful proteins and friendly fats, take a few deep breaths and welcome the full eating experience by savoring your meal. It could be your royal road to weight loss and calming your cravings, boosted energy and the start of taking care of yourself in a whole new way.

~Jill & Angelle

Free Recipe Download

Download Free Berry Smoothie Recipe (PDF)


Thank You to Jill & Angelle! I personally love their resets and look forward to this one. To join us, register by April 19th. I highly recommend checking out the free April 13th informational webinar and all the Spring Reset details and testimonials to learn more.


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