2014 – What a Ride!

As we bring 2014 to an end I’m looking back at what an amazing year it has been with a  few highlights. Some of you may not realize where we make these straws. So, for my first memory of 2014 I’m going to give you a sneak peek into my workshop with a little before and after gift magic from my best friend and husband. Workshop before Yes, this is where I work everyday, not very inspiring for someone who has to spend several hours here every day creating art! (I do have some fun stickers on my drawers to keep me in the glassblowing mindset, but that’s it!) This picture was taken just a few days ago AFTER my husband (Brian) cleaned it. I get to spare you all of the cobwebs, dead bugs and filth that was all over the place.  My work surface is covered in fireproof gypsum board that hasn’t been replaced in 4-1/2 years.  There are burn marks all over it and it was rather unpleasant.  There was very little storage and it wasn’t arranged in a way that worked well for my needs. As Brian vacuumed and scrubbed the walls, window and window trim I just stood there and watched him wondering why in the world he wanted it so clean (and honestly, the shower walls could use this scrub just as much as the garage walls!). We went away for a afternoon of family time yesterday, then dropped our boys off for a sleepover at the grandparents.  We went to a movie and returned very late at midnight.  When we pulled up to the house I FREAKED out because the garage lights were on and the door was wide open.   As we pulled up closer I noticed my best friend (and next door neighbor) sitting at my workshop and the walls had been painted!!!  She spent all day, noon – 7:30pm painting my workshop and bought beautiful, inspiring wall hangings for it, too! You can’t see it but there’s even a good luck glass dragonfly hanging in the window. Workshop After Workshop after Brian then added new storage units on the walls, replaced the gypsum board work surface and rearranged/cleaned out drawers for storage. What an amazing thing for them to do for me, it was so thoughtful and time consuming that I feel truly blessed by their generosity.  I always love to work but now I really look forward to working out there! This was a great way to end a great year! 2014 also included:

A local TV segment on myself and my business if you missed it you can watch it here.

Participation in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle that brought loads of new customers our way. If you missed it last time make sure you join our email list here for some upcoming info, hint hint. We created a new affiliate program.

Our new retail packaging complete with bar codes and hanging ability came to fruition.

Our Plastic Sucks t-shirts were made available for purchase.

We created a loyalty program for our loyal Strawesome customers.

We hit 25,000 Facebook followers.

And we met great new customers from our hometown to across the globe!

Phew! That’s a lot to pack into one year.  We have some great ideas for 2015 and look forward to sharing them with you all in the coming months!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Much love, Daedra

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  1. What a great story! That was so sweet of your best friend and Brian to surprise you with an improved work space. When people give of themselves and their time like that, it’s really moving. Knowing that the improvements were an expression of love from those who care about you will make working there even better.

    Dec 30, 2014 Reply

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