Recipe Tuesday – Yoganola

Around our house my boys love what they call “Yoganola”, my homemade granola combined with organic full-fat Thomas yogurt. This recipe adds in the power of chia seeds to help fill you up and the antioxidant power of a small amount of cacao nibs.  The sweetness from the honey helps take away the bitterness of… View more

Find Friday – E3 Live

With the start of 2012 I decided I am going to challenge myself to try new things with my health.  Whether it be eating slightly different, shopping differently, or trying new products to improve my health.  The first thing I’ve tried is this really unique supplement from E3 Live.

A Passion For…

For me it’s incredibly difficult at times to describe why Strawesome is my passion. Probably because it’s not just one thing, there’s a long list.  We’re coming up on Strawesome’s third anniversary so I’m going to reflect on why I work so hard everyday….

Friend Friday

If Philip McCluskey doesn’t inspire you to make a change in your life no one will!  When I was first introduced to Philip and Loving Raw I was in awe at how he changed his life with real, raw foods.  He transformed his own 400 pound physique and is now inspiring others worldwide to do the… View more