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10,000 Thank Yous

This morning I awoke to find Strawesome’s Facebook page at 10,000 fans! I take great pride in what I do and I am deeply grateful to my customers. You may have noticed that I write little love letters

Your Life Depends On It

If you eat food, then your health and quality of life are at risk. If you haven’t heard of the company Monsanto, then we highly recommend you do some research (like your life depends on it) and learn how that company is affecting your health through its involvement in farming and more. You might be beyond shocked.

My Labor of Love

Labor Day, Sept 3, 2012 is a day that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. So that got me thinking about what I could celebrate about the work I do. Here’s a few thoughts about why Strawesome is my Labor of Love: 1. I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about being someone… View more

The Missing R Giveaway Winner

We are so overwhelmed by all the nice comments and orders placed to help us with our fridge.  I haven’t tallied the sales up yet but I think we’ve done it!  Thank you to all of our customers that believe in supporting small businesses! We used Random.org to choose our two winners: #39 Kasey #53 CarolJ… View more

Blender Smoothie Straw Winners

We used random.org to choose 4 winners from our list of 116 comments. We came up with comments #65, #53, #76 and #55 Cormac Foster, Betsy Jenson, Matt Cegelske, and Anthony Martinez are each winners of our extra long smoothie straw. Please check your email inbox for our message and send us your mailing address…. View more